{Common Grounds Collective}

Hey everyone! Happy friday, and happy early Valentines day. Thanks to an awesome guy named Hunter Hebenstreit, I got to team up with some creative souls to create a coffee blog. We may all be different. I mean, we have photographers, writers, entrepreneurs  and so many more characters on the team. Yet one thing we all have in common? We all LOVE coffee.

The blog is called Common Grounds Collective. We will be interviewing baristas, farmers, and coffee lovers. We will be teaching you how to make latte art. You will know every coffee drink by name, and read lovely poetry by local artists. Not to mention, there is going to be so much original photography. You can even be featured if you submit something!

I really have faith in these people. I really can't wait to see this grow. Maybe one day it will turn into a magazine, or perhaps one day we will pitch in to make our own coffee chain.

Until then...you can read the blog here and follow us on instagram at @commongroundscollective!