Artist Spotlight: Mili Chamberlain

Andrew and I as ACNL mayors.

You all probably know by now how much I love Animal Crossing. Well thanks to Animal Crossing and instagram, I discovered an unbelievably talented artist named Mili Chamberlain. I asked her to draw Andrew and I's Animal Crossing mayors together and she totally exceeded my expectations. The photo is actually framed now because we love it that much!

Mili is only 15 years old and already has an excessive amount of art from paintings, sketches, portraits, to the lovely Animal Crossing illustrations. Everything on the right is her art, and the one in the center is actually a self-portrait. I was really impressed that she already has so much to show for herself artistically.

She really has a unique art style that can make people and places realistic with a twist. I love all of her illustrations and I'm eternally grateful I have a piece hanging up in my room now!

I really hope to see her working as a professional illustrator for Nintendo or something in the future. Or even an Etsy shop! This girl is going places, watch out everybody. Her instagram is @acnl.xoxo - check it out to see more of her art.