5 Things We Want in the Next Animal Crossing Game

Nintendo has said they are currently in the process of creating a new Animal Crossing game. They've been discussing ideas, plans, and what console they're going to create it for!

I've loved playing ACNL on the 3DS and it's never really seemed to get old. However, there are certain things I would like Nintendo to improve or change. I interviewed some die hard Animal Crossing fans and this is what we want in the upcoming game. (Also, enjoy some screenshots of Andrew and I having ACNL adventures!)

1. More Customization. We all love being able to choose what we wear and what we look like. We love decorating our house and our town. It's one of the highlights of Animal Crossing, in my opinion. Yet we would love more of that! Making your own town map, more skin tones, an easier way to do your hair, etc. Also, can we pick where villagers plot their houses? This is one of the most aggravating things!

2. Unique characters. Let's be honest, we all love how many villagers there are and we're all eternally grateful for that. It just can be aggravating how the dialect of so many of the 'cute' or 'athletic' ones are the same. It makes it less interesting to talk to them, and quite frankly - makes us feel less connected to our fellow villagers. Make their dialect unique to only them. Make their dialect less repetitive. Every villager should be their own, unique, villager - not a carbon copy.

3. More interactive festivals. I saw this come up a lot in interviews, and I can see why. The festivals happen quite often, yet they can be boring at times. We get 20 seconds of Isabelle's short speech, the villagers clapping, and that's it.

4. Compatible for WiiU & 3DS. Animal Crossing is certainly best on the 3DS, because you can take it anywhere and it's hard to abandon your town. Yet a lot of us think a WiiU game would be super fun for those late gaming nights. My boyfriend Andrew and I would love to be able to play multiplayer on the WiiU. We would be obsessed! Creating a town together, solving problems, etc!

5. More traveling options. In ACNL for the 3DS, everybody loved going to the island. Catching rare fish & bugs & playing fun mini games! The boat ride over was always interesting and it was nice having a change of scenery. It would be cool if on the new Animal Crossing game, we could take trains, cars, planes, boats, or whatever else to go to different places with different activities, mini games, and rare fish and bugs. I can see it now. Deserts, beaches, forests, oh my.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the interview! What do you want in the next Animal Crossing game?