10 Reasons Why We All Miss Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot was always there for us in our childhood. Years later, a lot of us are wishing a new game will be released. While it’s doubtful, at least we can get super nostalgic and talk about why we miss Crash so much. OODIBIGAH.

  1. It Was All We Play Station Kids Had
Nintendo fans had the entire Super Mario franchise and the hundreds of games that came from it. Us PlayStation owners had Crash. Sure, there was other awesome games for the PS1 such as Spyro, but Crash was a world on it’s own. If you grew up with a PS1, you grew up with Crash. No one forgets their childhood bestfriends. Unless your childhood best friend stabbed you in the back by deciding to never make a new game again. That doesn’t mean you can’t miss them, right?
  1. Aku Aku
An ancient spirit of a witch doctor protected us. “OODIBIGAH” was the best ‘word’ we could hear while playing this game. I never quite understood why a dead witch doctor cared so much about a jean wearing bandicoot. However, Aku Aku was our best friend and anytime he gave us a power boost, we knew we we’re gonna get through the level. Unless we touched a seal...
  1. Dr. Neo Cortex
Our enemy was an evil scientist with a huge forehead. Keep in mind, we were playing as a muscular bandicoot that liked to wear super tight cut off jeans. Who came up with this stuff? Nobody cared, we just wanted more of it. Many of our enemies in video games growing up were more of an inconvenience instead of an arch nemesis. Dr. Cortex was evil and made us all want to destroy him. He was just straight up rude and had no reason to be bothering us bandicoots. Psh.
  1. Being Terrified by Red and Green Crates
The most terrifying thing in all of the games was red TNT crates and green nitro crates. The thought that you could lose a life simply because you made one wrong move was horrifying. I don’t know about you, but when there was a crate in between two red TNT crate, I rarely took the chance. Whatever you do, run.
  1. Boulder Dash
Forget zombie and shooting games, being chased by a huge boulder made us all scream in fear. I remember screaming and jumping up and down in my seat knowing there was a 90% chance I was about to be crushed by a rock. And the music that went along with it? Naughty Dog must’ve been trying to torture us. Now that was the true meaning of horror that no other game can replicate.
  1. It Was a Franchise
Crash Bandicoot wasn’t just a game, it was a franchise. With well known characters, and several games. How did a franchise fall apart so fast? All I know is Crash had so much potential to expand into more games, t-shirts, and lunchboxes. Well, at least they tried?
  1. Crash Team Racing
Listen. Ima let you finish, but Crash Team Racing is one of the best racing games of all time. Try to deny it, but it was addictive and cannot even be compared to Mario Kart. The characters you were racing against were always so interactive, and playing against friends would take hours. “My turn!”
  1. The Scenery and the Graphics
The scenery and the graphics were immaculate. Whether it be Crash Bandicoot or Crash Team Racing, Naughty Dog gave us amazing graphics for the era the games were coming out. From palm trees and beaches to ice and snow - I remember being blown away. They even had a level where you ride a tiger and run through the Great Wall of China. The sunsets are beautiful and characters react to their surroundings. It felt so real. Maybe that’s why I would stay up til 2 AM playing Crash.

  1. Getting All of the Crates
Getting all of the crates in each and every level was a struggle, but it made us pay attention to our surroundings instead of just rushing through things. And lets not forget the anger at the end of each level when it said we were missing one crate. WHAT? I didn’t see any other crates? Ugh. One more time.
  1. The Journey
Each and every level was a journey and had meaning to it. With twists and turns, we weren’t just playing a bunch of mini games. We were fighting against the great forces of evil as a badass bandicoot. What more could we ask for? There was a bunch of drama regarding Naughty Dog and Activision, and Crash eventually lost popularity as the world of video games kept expanding. However, there are still thousands of Crash fans out there and Naughty Dog has talked about creating a new game. In the meantime, we can always play our old Crash games.