Super Mario 3D World: Recap

My boyfriend Andrew and I have successfully completed Super Mario 3D World, and all I can say is..."wow."

It's just like every other Super Mario game, except the graphics take it to a whole other level. The beauty of each world captivates me and truly takes me to another realm. I've never really cared much for graphics, but the graphics on Super Mario 3D World take my breath away! Ahhhh.

In terms of characters: you can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad & Peach. (And a special character you can unlock once you beat the game). They're all good to play with, but I personally like playing with Peach because she has a gliding ability that comes in handy a lot during this game. You can play with up to four people so this is a group friendly game - perfect for get togethers! Always a plus.

Now let's talk power ups. Your character can transform into a cat that scratches his/her opponents and climbs up walls to secret areas full of coins, stamps & stars. You also use power ups that make you throw fire, boomerangs and cannonballs. Plus you can turn into a Tanooki that makes you invincible to all of your attacks!

There are many worlds (many of them secret) which makes this game last. Some levels are harder then others, and I would be ashamed to tell you how many times we had to sacrifice ourselves or how many times we died for making dumb decisions. But, hey. The best part is you can always go back to it and perfect your score. To find out more and see more gameplay, just click here!