On Being a Complex Individual

You may scroll past this post thinking, "Oh, I'm a pretty simple person." But are you?

A lot of people will be shocked to find out they may just be a well rounded individual. You might be blonde and intelligent. Maybe you're a doctor who likes to make jewelry on the side, or an actress who also sings. Perhaps you're a really classy person that likes to crack an inappropriate joke every now and then. These seem like ordinary things...right? Well, not for everyone.

I guess sometimes people just want you to fit inside their perfect box. As much as we all say we hate labels, when we label people, it makes it easier to identify them. And once we identify them with that label, it's hard for us to see that person as anything else but that label. Which down the line, can be extremely offensive. It can lead to conversations like..."Oh, you do that? I would've never guessed because you're black/white/gay/straight/a woman/a man/ETC."

As an artist and as a person, I feel limited sometimes. Limited in the sense that I can only be THIS or THAT, not both.

I am worried that one day people will form an image of me and see me only as that. I love acting, writing, singing, dancing, cooking, directing, blogging, fashion & so many other artforms. And I don't think it's fair that once I'm seen as one...the others begin to fade in everyones eyes...

I'm much more than what you see. I'm not just a girl. I'm not just a blogger. I'm not just an actress. I'm not just a daughter. I'm not just a girlfriend. I'm not just a coworker.

I'm Maria Elena. And like you, I'm a complex individual. Full of quirks that make me who I am. It's okay to have a lot of interests or talents, that's only apart of being human; and you should never let anyone make you feel wrong about being a complex individual. We all are, and isn't that what makes life so interesting?