Mediterranean Sushi {Recipe}

Why am I calling this sushi when it doesn't have any fish in it? Well, some sushi is vegetarian. You may ask, where's the rice and seaweed? Maybe I didn't know how to do that and maybe I didn't want to.

"Okay then why is it considered sushi?" My answer would be...because it looks like sushi and has a better ring to it. Call it a roll-up, or whatever you want. Regardless, it's a whole new twist to Mediterranean food and a cute appetizer or snack. Now let's get started.

What you'll need:
One cucumber
Feta cheese
1/4 red pepper
A vegetable peeler

What to do:
1. First, take out all your ingredients. Cut up the red pepper into little pieces. (you won't need to use more than 1/4 of the pepper. )
2. Set the pepper aside, and get out your cucumber and vegetable peeler. Peel off the skin first, then continue peeling. You will eventually get long strips of cucumber! Odd, isn't it? It doesn't matter if the cucumber strips are uneven / short / or ripped up a bit. I found most of them worked out. Just try to scrape the cucumber firmly.
3. Once you get your cucumber strip, add a little bit of hummus to it. (make sure there's some on the ends too so it sticks together when you roll it up.) I mean a little bit of hummus, too. The cucumber strip is thin!
4. Add your red pepper and sprinkle feta cheese on. Don't add to much or you won't be able to roll it up!

Simple as that. A Mediterranean paradise. Oooh I can see eating this poolside. Now I miss summer. Winter, why must you take all the vitamin D out of me and make me want to sleep all day? Enjoy everyone. XO