Hair Growth Mask: {Coconut Oil!}

I'm usually complimented on how fast my hair grows. I donate my hair yearly because, well, it grows insanely fast. People ask, "what's your secret?" To be honest, it's always been natural. Eating well, not dying my hair, using good shampoos, not overheating my hair, going outside in the sun - it's truly that simple.

However, sometimes we come to a hair stalemate. It's not a bad thing to dye your hair. It's not a bad thing to straighten or curl it every once in a while. However, sometimes, it's possible to over do it. This coconut oil hair mask is a quick fix to that hair stalemate you might be at, and works on all hair types.

The amount of coconut you use truly depends on your hair length and how thick it is. I know some people who could cover their entire head with a couple of tablespoons, but for some - it may take a cup or two.

Coconut oil has taken over the world these past few years - finding itself as an alternative in recipes, DIY beauty, and even home repair options! It certainly has a lot of power. When you're having a hair disaster - don't fear. Coconut oil is here. (Let's just pretend I didn't say that.)

Coconut oil has benefits other than just hair growth. It thickens hair and makes it feel shiny & fresh. For extra growth, add a bit of cayenne pepper to it. Cayenne peppers really stimulates the scalp and works wonders on hair growth.

Here's what you should do:
1. Start out with dry hair. Grab heaps of coconut oil out of the jar and rub it together with your hands (feel free to add cayenne pepper, I always do!) so it becomes easier to apply. Apply to hair.
2. Wrap head in towel or shower cap and leave on for 45 minutes.
3. Shower as you normally would. There you have it!

Forget deep conditioning, unnatural products or expensive salons - this is the way to give your hair the nutrient it needs and revive it from the drought it's been in.