Glitter Liner? Yes Please!

Adding glitter makes everything better. Clothing, food, decor, makeup: EVERYTHING. I like to add a
little sparkle to things without being too flashy, and I found the perfect makeup product to do so. In 8th grade, I bought this pink glitter liner from target for $1. (I believe it was the elf brand) It was subtle yet classy, and it was a way of expression for me. And let me tell you, crying never looked so beautiful.

Lately I've been thinking about glitter liner. I've been looking for one that is: cheap, liquid, and comes out nicely. I think I've found it!

Sephora is known for their super expensive makeup. Dior, givenchy, YSL, stila, etc. Yet they do have a cheaper brand, called, well, 'Sephora.' I was browsing the store looking for this glitter liner and found some in the little boxes by the register for $5. They had purple, blue, brown & gold! I got gold of course.

I had second thoughts about it, considering I've use sephora's products before and they weren't affective, and didn't turn out too well. But hey, I got it anyways.

I opened the tube and applied it to my eyes, without any other product on it. It came out clear, straight, and showed up nicely! It was true to the color displayed on the tube. Also here's a plus: it doubles as mascara! I'm curious to see how long it will last, though. Overall, I give this product a 8/10!