Fashion Feature: MODAYM

Hi lovelies! Today I am talking about an up and coming website for fashion: Modaym!

Modaym's philosophy and mission is: "Infinite talent & unique style." As an artist myself, I love how Modaym allows emerging fashion designers to promote their brand to shoppers all over the world. When you purchase an item, you are purchasing it directly from the designer. It's also nice knowing you can support an authentic artist without worrying about the middle man. And here's something we all love to here: free shipping to everyone in the US.

Some items featured are this lovely statement Katya dress by designer Paola Cortez. Sheer, chiffon, and black: chic for any ocassion.

I've always loved jewelry, but oh my gosh - Maryam Salemi Fine Jewelry is to die for. It makes me feel like a 1820s queen that's about to sail the Atlantic to start anew in America. The precious gemstones, diamonds, gold - delicately gorgeous. 

Handbags? No problem. Get quality designer handbags directly from Modaym. Red, maroon, white, black - your perfect staple colors for all year round. Which one is your favorite? I personally can't decide. I had a fashion overload while on the handbag page!

Not only just handbags, but there are many other accessories to choose from. Scarves, hats, gloves, shawls, etc. In the spotlight at Modaym is VÈVÈLLE scarves, for those who love vibrant colors and patterns.

Just for opening an account on Modaym, you get $10 off your purchase. And here's the best part: with any purchase you make on Modaym, you can get 10% with this simple code: Pink2Modaym. Get your fashion fix at Modaym.