An Ode to Pink

Pink...I don't know what it is about that color that can convey a whole aesthetic and make anything I'm doing feel a bit cuter. I love pastels, thats no secret. Lavender, mint, baby blue! And we can't forget silver and shiny and glittery. While lavender will always have my heart, pastel pink is full of love, cuteness and passion.

I've always loved Valentines Day simply because of the color scheme. Every year I would go to school all decked out: pink, red, lace, hearts, candy - everything! Picking out those two dollar valentines day cards along with a piece of candy for my 2nd grade classmates was an art, and I had it down. In high school, I remember pink floral dresses, red lipstick, and lollipops all day long. Love was in the air and I wanted everyone to feel it. (Now I just sound annoying.)

I like to take that Valentines Day aesthetic with me all year long. Pink is a mixture of red and white. Red: the color of passion, desire, war, sin, love, and depth. Then we have white, the color of innocence and purity. Perhaps that's why I like pink. It's innocent and pure with a personality. Pink is so powerful yet so feminine. Pink is beautiful.

Here is my photo board of what is inspiring me & photos where pink is conveying that beauty I was talking about! XO