13 Things to Do When You Have a Headache

Headaches are one of my least favorite things in the world. First of all, they are a symptom of everything. Therefore, you can never tell WHY you're having a headache in the first place. Second of all, there are several different kinds of headaches and I often find it hard to diagnose which headache it is.

So, yeah, I get a lot of headaches but they have become more manageable over the years. I don't like to take aspirin right away, because I don't want to become immune to it. The more you heal your headaches naturally, the less they will come. Here are 10 ways to get rid of your headache without using aspirin.

Things to do right away:

1. Take a shower. I can't stress this enough. At least 75% of my headaches go away after I take a shower, and 100% of the time it gets better. I'm not talking anything crazy, do your thing. Shampoo, condition, bodywash - whatever. Or just stand there while the water hits your temples. Whatever you wanna do...but showers always help.

2. Use essential oils. It doesn't matter how you use it. Peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oil has been proven to help headaches, allergies, as well as sinus issues. Lavender may make you sleepy and peppermint may make you more alert, but they all have a bunch of benefits! Whether you want to dab it on your skin or you have it in the form of a lotion, just inhale and exhale.

3. Clean. If you aren't in a clean environment, your head will NOT appreciate it. Being surrounded by dust, dirt, or mold is only going to make you congested. Your goal is to feel fresh, and then you'll be less prone to headaches.

4. Drink water. Not to be caption obvious, but water always deserves an honorable mention. Water can never be bad for you. Dehydration and headaches go very well together. Not to mention, water flushes all the toxins out of your body. Drink up!

5. Use a cold compress. Just put an ice pack or a wet rag on your head for 10 or 15 minutes. This is my favorite because the entire time the cold compress is on your head, you feel no pain.

6. Go outside. It doesn't matter how the weather is and it doesn't matter how long. Fresh air and being in nature for even just 2 minutes will soothe your body and soul!

7. Brush your teeth. This may sound odd...but a lot of headaches are linked to your teeth. And if you brush your teeth and gums really nicely - it will help your headache! This is really good for people who have sinus headaches or headaches related to bruxism. Not to mention, peppermint does help headaches. ;)

8. Eat. Eat something revitalizing and refreshing - I recommend strawberries, watermelon, orange juice...something full of antixoidants and nutrition! A lot of times headaches are just caused by being hungry or not eating well enough.

9. Take a break from technology. Whether you're staring at your computer screen covered in work, or you're just bored so you keep refreshing instagram...keep your head up and live in reality for just a couple of minutes. You'll feel a lot better!

10. Get up and get going. A lot of the time when I have a headache, it tends to go away once I get up and do what I need to do. Whether it be going to work, spending time with my loved ones, or running an errand.

Things to keep in mind for next time:

11. Take vitamins. No matter how healthy you're eating, chances are you're not getting enough of some type of vitamin. I usually take a gummy multivitamin because they're easy to take every morning and have a good amount of all of the vitamins I need. Not only will this rid your chance of headaches, it will make your immune system a lot better.

12. Sleep comfortably. Sleep problems are every headaches best friend. Not sleeping enough and oversleeping causes headaches. Sleeping in the wrong position causes headaches. Changes in your sleep schedule causes headaches. It's crazy. You shouldn't have to analyze your sleep habits. My advice would be to make sure you are sleeping comfortably and doing what feels right for you.

13. Think about your caffeine intake. A lot of people run to caffeine when they have a headache, but this is not a healthy thing to do. This means you get headaches when you have caffeine withdrawals. I think we all forget that caffeine is a drug and it should be taken in moderation!