A Toast to Adventure

A toast to adventure and indie rock shows and late night sleepovers and deep conversations and bonfires and scary moments that turn out okay. A toast to new friends and old friends. A toast to gas station snack runs and streetlights and midnight releases. A toast to enchanted forests and flowing rivers. A toast to the future: that everything will be a never-ending adventure. 

A toast to adventure.

Broadway for the Broke: How to NEVER Pay Full Price

1. Theatre Development Funds TKT Booth: Located in the heart of times square, the TKT booth is sure to give you same-day tickets for an affordable price. You can see your favorite broadway and off-broadway shows for up to 50% off! From Les Miserables, to Cinderella, to Kinky Boots: the wait in line is never unbearable and they offer great seating options. Find out more here.
2. Student Rush Tickets: Are you a college student? Most theaters have student rush tickets available and reserve some for each performance. The best part is if you’re looking to find out about how to get student rush tickets for a specific show, you just have to call the theater and ask for the specific information you're looking for. Some current shows, like It’s Only a Play, offer student rush tickets for each performance first come first serve starting at the beginning of the day. However, some shows such as Cabaret, offer tickets a half an hour before the show. Just call beforehand to find out!
3. Looking out for special promotions: Broadway and off-broadway will occasionally offer special promotions. For example, two tickets for the price of one. Some theaters even will offer low ticket prices via social media! It’s good to keep your eyes open for all of this via social media, theater websites (such as Broadway World or Stagebuddy!), and so on.
4. Standing room tickets: Believe it or not, not every show sells out nightly. Regardless if you're a student or not, some theaters offer standing room tickets. Come sometime between an hour to 20 minutes before a show starts and wait. If they still have seats left, you can get it for way cheaper than the initial price.
5. The lottery: Unfortunately, there are a lot of shows that either offer a limited engagement or draw thousands on a weekly basis no matter what time of the year it is. (...Wicked.) Therefore, they don't offer a lot of promotions regarding tickets, but they do have lottery tickets. This simply means the day you want to see the show, you come earlier and put your name in the lottery for up to X amount of tickets. (Usually up to 2) If you win, you can get tickets for as low as 20 dollars a piece.
6. Searching the internet: As silly as it sounds, it comes in handy. Before purchasing broadway or off-broadway tickets, do your research. Very rarely should you ever have to pay full price for tickets. Different retailers, websites, and theaters all sell tickets for different prices. And you never know if there's a special promotion going on. You just never wanna spend $150 dollars on a pair of tickets that could've easily been $75, so always check for deals!
Those are the main ways to always get cheaper tickets. Important factors: Day of the week, time of year, cast, show, etc. You're more likely to win the lottery, get standing room tickets, or even get cheaper tickets based upon these factors. For example, you have to keep in mind when you'll be in New York: is it popular tourist time? And you have to keep in mind who is apart of the cast of the show you'll be seeing. Is a well-liked celebrity taking over, and are they new? You really have to think about this. If you go see a show on a Tuesday night, you're more likely to pay less than you would on a Saturday night.
With all of this in mind, you should never miss a show you want to see. And most importantly - you'll never have to pay full price to see it.

Apartment Hunting

I'm looking for an apartment. That on it's own is stressful and complicated. Yet by adding the three words "in New York" at the end of that sentence adds a whole other level of stress and complication.

As much as I love traveling & working & going out & coming & going...
home is necessary for me.

At the end of each night, I need a bed with a never-ending cocoon of fleece blankets and a comforter that brings out the color of the walls. The walls covered with photographs and art of my choosing. The pantry filled with baking supplies, matching tupperware, and crushed red pepper. And the fridge filled with vanilla soy milk, apple juice, and hot sauce.

A place we can call our own,
because that's what keeps us sane.

(Hey, real estate agents out there! I'm looking for a studio or 1/br apartment. 1,350/month is my limit for now. Contact me.)

The River starring Hugh Jackman: An Idyllic Masterpiece

Last night at 6:30 PM, Hugh Jackman, Laura Donnelly and Cush Jumbo took on the stage at Circle in the Square Theatre for opening night of The River.

A quite puzzling play -  full of raw emotion, symbolism hidden in every word, and an intimate setting. Hugh Jackman draws you in with every word. The setting was so intimate it made you feel like you were one of Hugh Jackman's girlfriends, or perhaps his uncle, in the cabin with him, fishing by the river. The theatre is quite small, so you can't get away with whispering to the person next to you or your phone vibrating. (do everyone a favor and turn it off!)

Although there are a bunch of mixed reviews, there's one thing I know for sure: the actual storyline of the play not be for everyone, but Hugh Jackmans undeniable charm and authenticity makes it worth the trip.

The New York Post states, "If The River was playing some dinky little theater with a bunch of unknowns, it’d be dismissed as flimsy and gimmicky. But The River is on Broadway, starring the ultra-likable, ultra-bankable Hugh Jackman. Which means it’s attracting both scrutiny and expectations." 

Nowadays, broadway is known for taking celebrities and casting them in shows solely to make money. However, I think we are forgetting that Jackman isn't just a celebrity. He's been doing theatre his entire life - most notable roles being Curly in Oklahoma and Valjean in Les Miserables. Jackman is a dedicated, soulful performer. The River is an idyllic yet rustic masterpiece, capturing the cabin setting well.

The story follows The Man, The Woman, and The Other Woman. (those are how the characters are actually listed in the playbill, so don't feel bad if you don't know their names when the show is ending.) That's really all I can give away without spoiling anything.

Many notable guests were in attendance, such as Anna Wintour, Jerry Seinfeld, Sally Field, and Ivanka Trump. (see right)

Tickets range from $35 to $175 dollars. Just a tip: there's no such thing as a "bad seat." The theatre is small and you can see fine from where ever you are.

To find our more about The River, click here.

The World & I

I wouldn't call myself a city girl or a country girl. Or a suburban girl, or a southern girl, or a girl that craves foreign lands. I'm not a girl that needs to be in a place by the ocean and the sand, but I'm also not a girl that needs all four seasons to keep me sane.

However, I love the Earth and all that it has to offer. Some people need the sound of the waves and the heat of the sun to keep them satisfied. Others need the rush of the city and subways and skyscrapers to keep them going.

However, I appreciate Earth in all of its form. The hectic cities filled with opportunity, the unknown history of every land, the trees and plains, the stillness of suburbia, every season and it's infinite beauty, the crashing waves of the ocean, the rawness of a farm, the mystery of a forest, the uniqueness of each snowflake, each place, each individual. The sun and the sky and its ever-changing colors, the clouds that resemble cotton candy. The moon, the vulnerable and gentle moon. The stars and the beyond. The grass and the flowers and the bridges and the buildings.

I love all of it. And why should I have to settle for one? I always have to travel, and go back home, and travel again. I will travel and then I'll start to feel nostalgic about a place I used to go. So I'll go back. Then I'll go somewhere new, and start to feel nostalgic about another place.

But I can always go back, and that's beautiful.

We live on Earth. We don't live in towns. Maybe you'll find home can be with you wherever you go.

The Competition by Kimya Dawson - Now Playing

I never wanted to be better than my friends
I just wanted to prove wrong the people in my head
The ones who told me I'd be better off dead
The ones who told me that I would never win 

When I delivered newspapers they said I was too slow
When I was a barista they said I made lousy foam
When I worked in retail they said I was a slob
Much too dumb for school and much too lazy for a job 

So I rode my bike like lightning
And I made cappucinos that would make the angels sing
Took two showers a day and I dressed up like a princess
Shook my fist in my own face and said "i'll show you who's the best" 

I wrote the kinds of papers teachers hang up on their walls
I was employee of the month in seven different shopping malls
And one time, playing football, I pulled the tendons in my leg
To prove that I was tough I hopped on one foot
And finished up the game 

I thought if I succeeded I'd be happy and they'd go away
But first thing every morning I'd still wake up and I'd hear them say
"you're fat, ugly and stupid, you should really be ashamed
No-one will ever like you, you're no good at anything" 
'The Competition' by Kimya Dawson is a song that will always be close to my heart. I discovered it in my sophomore year in high school. It's about the concept of never being good enough or feeling not worth it. It's about people pushing you down, telling you that you CAN'T, tell you to not be you. Sophomore year of high school that was relevant. And it's relevant now. It's randomly been relevant at a lot of times in my life. It's like no matter how hard I try, it's not good enough for people. People always have something to complain about. It's like they don't care that they may be actually hurting someone. I've never really let such mundane things affect me...but sometimes...it bottles up. I suppose I'm getting awfully personal and sappy on my blog today?

Well, guys. I'm here to talk about how 99% of us have to go through these two lovely yet terrible things: jobs and school. And how teachers, bosses, and peers will constantly tell us: "Redo this paper, your thesis sucks. Redo it again. This latte has terrible foam, remake it. You failed the class. You're fired. You're not good enough. You're not cut for the job. You're not fast enough. You need to smile more. THIS is how you do it, not like that. CAN YOU PLEASE DO THIS? You did it wrong. What's your problem? That's not how you fold clothes. I don't know why you did that. How dumb."
Maybe those are things you've heard before at job/school. Whether you take your job or schooling seriously or not, it's aggravating. I consider myself a strong person. I don't let peoples little trivial comments get to me. However, it's an inconvenience. 

Note to myself and others out there: Life isn't about pleasing others and you are okay just the way you are. If people criticize you about little pointless things, let it go. Ignore it. Don't let it get to you. And if they start to bother you, tell them. Live your life the way you want because you deserve happiness and deserve to choose how you live. We are individuals and deserve to be treated like that. Not like slaves.

I really love Kimya Dawson. All of her music resonates within me with its tones of simplicity and escaping from the generalized life of stereotypes and taxes. She talks of traveling and positive vibes during hard times. It's very uplifting and her music has a lightheartedness to it. Thank you Kimya. 

My Somewhat Realistic Christmas List for My Mom and Others but Mostly My Mom

DISCLAIMER: These are just suggestions for my Christmas list and are in no way, shape or form necessary. It's meant for you to get ideas, however, I still like surprises and hate the whole idea of Christmas being about giving out a Christmas list and then getting exactly what you want. I mean, those getting you gifts should already have some sort of idea what to get you and use their creativity. This is just here as a fun seasonal blogpost. (in other words: for you, Mom.) But also so my readers can get to know me better and buy me overpriced gaming systems.

1. Elderflower rose lemonade (found in the "cool drink" section at your local Whole foods)
2. Super smash bros for the WiiU
3. A WiiU (Unrealistic but maybe if you trade in the Wii and go to GameStop on black friday it might just work.)
4. Anything from Target. Literally. (especially the dollar section)
5. Cheap champagne (the one that's 7-8 dollars at Giant Eagle)
6. Sweaters (I wear sweaters every season, so, might be a good investment.) I love the LC Collection at Kohls, and H&M has awesome sweaters too.
7. Cozy, long, experimental socks
8. Pokemon X or Y for the Nintendo 3DS (I'm late on it, but I want it anyways)
9. Anything Winnie the Pooh related. Actually, anything Disney related. Hot Topic has a great selection of Disney themed items! (As embarrassing as it is to admit) My favorites, you ask? How kind of you! Peter Pan, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. However, an all-expense paid trip to Disney works too.
10. Anything Harry Potter related...literally. Hot Topic has a great selection of Harry Potter items as well.
11. Gift cards to places such as: Chipotle, Whole Foods, Cinemark, Wendys, Target, or Walgreens.
12. Things that you know I would personally find cute and awesome in regards to our personal relationship.
13. Gummy vitamins (preferably the princess kind)
14. Little trinkets, seasonal items, themed things, cheap things, etc. I am a sucker for little cute things, you know? Hard to explain. Basically, just the things that are between $1-$10 dollars and float around near the cash register or dollar section of all stores. The little things in life are the best. Plus, opening more gifts is always more exciting. ;)
 15. Two tickets to Taylor Swift's concert at the Q arena in Cleveland. (this is really unrealistic because they are basically already sold out and I don't want to go THAT bad. But hey, maybe you know a guy.)
16. Snack food. Because you know what kind of snack food I like and it's cheap. Goldfish, flamin' hot everything, etc...
17. For you to cancel my winter break dentist appointment and postpone it to December 30, 2025.
18. Stationary. I love stamps, letters, sticky notes, envelopes, pens, cards...and maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive one.
19. Headbands with non-flashy bows on them.
20. Anything from Bath and Body Works or Barnes and Noble is fair game.

But most importantly, be creative and surprise me. You know me enough. ;)

Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall is airing tonight, November 3rd at 7:00 PM EST on Cartoon Network! If I had to describe it, I would say it's a classic 1950s disney fairytale mixed with the quirkiness of Adventure Time. Creative director Patrick Mchale is in charge of this project, and he has also worked on Adventure Time, which explains the correlation between the two. From today until Friday, there will be two 15 minute episodes airing every day from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM on Cartoon Network.
The story follows two brothers, Wirt and Greg (voiced by Elijah Wood and Collin Dean) who find themselves in a realm called The Unknown, encountering mystical creatures and mysterious adventures while trying to find their way home. Various critics have a lot to say about the writing and animation in the show, but I think the aesthetic and cuteness of it is very pleasing to the eye, and the themes that live within the show make it worthwhile. 

Patrick Mchale, the man behind it all, said in an interview with the Nerdist, "Well, there are some twists and turns. There’s a lot of nice music, and nice backgrounds. Nice voices. Some JOKES. It also gets pretty dark and emotional at times. It’s a good show, I think. Each episode contains a new location and set of characters, so there’s a lot of stuff packed into the series. If you don’t like one episode, you may like the next one. You can definitely watch the series multiple times and find new things. It’s sort of built for that. It’s a collector’s edition set to put in your locked bookcase."

I remember when I saw a preview of it in theaters I automatically thought, "Oh my God, this looks amazing." I'm not into Cartoon Network, nor am I into Adventure Time, but this show is absolutely captivating. If you can't wait until 7 PM every night this week - the entire series is also on iTunes and will be on the Cartoon Network website. See you tonight at 7 PM.

Eating in NYC: #2

I decided to do another installment of my Eating in NYC series, simply because since my last post I've eaten at a lot of different places and I want to share them with you! From fast food, to coffee, to gourmet, to brunch - I've got a lot of places covered. I hope you find yourself forming your own opinions and ideas about where you want to go eat in NYC. Enjoy!

Atomic Wings: A lot of people say that these are the best wings in New York. They offered vegetarian wings (regular and boneless) in tons of different flavors, so I was quite excited! Yet when I opened the box, I started to question them. I went to the Atomic Wings on second avenue, and while it was a cute "bar, beer, and football" setting, there was a weird cash register/wing ordering area that just didn't seem to fit. I've had vegetarian wings before, but the ones here seemed sketchy. If you're looking for veggie wings, I recommend Red Bamboo!

Le Pain Quotidien
Blossom Du Jour: With an extremely diverse menu of VEGAN FAST FOOD (yay!), and a super easy grab and go atmosphere, this place is amazing. Everything they serve is 100% vegan, so you don't ever have to worry about someone making a mistake and accidentally giving you milk or dairy. Meatball subs, grilled cheese, burgers, philly cheese steaks, fish sandwiches, and so much more. And its still all vegan. I got the buffalo chicken wrap and it was too convincing! The workers here are also super nice and accomodating. And oddly enough, they make brownies there that are better than non-vegan brownies…it's weird but also awesome. Check it out.

Le Pain Quotidien: With several locations all over NYC, you have to make at least one stop in here. With a variety of artisan breads, quality coffee and tea, amazing soups, eggs, and sandwiches - this cafe is to die for. The atmosphere is very european and cozy. Chalkboards, wooden tables, and fireplaces. Every waiter/waitress I've had at this place has been nothing but helpful! This is the cutest brunch place and now that winter is around the corner, I can't wait to enjoy this place even more!

Little Collins: A great place for brunch. Quality coffee from quality baristas, and a variety of options such as the smash: Avocado and feta mash with chili flakes and pumpkin seeds. Mmmm. The only problem I have with this place is that it's so small. 80% of the time you can't find a seat, and the limited seating they actually have is quite clumped and rushed. That's not an exaggeration, only 9-10 people can sit at a time. Luckily, you can get things to go - which is a plus. The coffee here is good yet it's expensive. They charge an extra dollar if you prefer almond milk which strikes me as funny because almond milk isn't much more expensive than regular milk.

Midnight Express
Mac Truck: I had mac n cheese from Mac Truck at NYCC, like many other con-goers. While it is extremely overpriced, at the time it was worth it, considering there are very little food options at NYCC and they trap you in there with nothing but overpriced food. They have a variety of mac n cheese options, from regular, to buffalo chicken, to pulled pork. And for no extra charge, you can get bread crumbs, parmesan cheese or hot sauce on top. They give you a pretty big serving and it usually is between $8-$10 dollars, so only purchase from here if it's a last resort or if you don't mind spending a bit more. I gotta admit, it's good mac n cheese.

Midnight Express: This place is truly a hidden gem. Located on 89th and 2nd, Midnight Express is open 24/7 - serving pizza, burgers, salads, and breakfast food. Personally, I'm a huge fan of their french fries. They taste like McDonalds, only better, and they don't make you feel like vomiting after. They are constantly offering new items, and they make almost everything in the house. They even have a loyalty program and offer student discounts - which is great if you're in the area often! I highly recommend Midnight Express: for the variety, quality, and customer service. One of my favorite places to go.

Off the Wall: One of my favorite froyo places in NYC! Not too long ago, Froyo emerged into the mainstream and thousands of frozen yogurt shops opened up everywhere. All of them are very similar. But in NYC, a lot of them are overpriced. Off the Wall and 16 Handles (mentioned in my previous post) are both awesome because they are self-serve, and the price depends on the weight. This is the fair way to do it. Off the Wall is unique, colorful, and convenient as well. They also have a loyalty program! 

Peanut Butter and Co
Peanut Butter and Co: What a great idea for a shop. Peanut Butter and Co is known for their peanut butter sandwiches. They sell a variety of types of PB sandwiches with different toppings and flavors of peanut butter, which go perfectly with carrots, potato chips, and a glass of milk! I got "The Pregnant Lady" sandwich which is just your ordinary peanut butter sandwich…except it has pickles on it. The flavors surprisingly compliment each other quite well. Or maybe I just like pickles on everything. 

Peets Coffee and Tea: This deserves to be on this post because it's the only Peets Coffee and Tea in NYC and people deserve to know. Peets actually has a passionate and deep history, and let me tell you one thing: it's really different from Starbucks. Some people look at that as a bad thing, and some people enjoy it. But it's worth a shot. The cinnamon hazelnut latte is my absolute favorite, but get it while it lasts! (it's a seasonal drink) It's located inside the Captiol One 360 cafe on 58th and 3rd. And remember this: when you use any Capitol One card, you get 50% off any drink!

Red Bamboo: If you're looking for the perfect sit down restaurant that is accommodating to all diets, this is the place. Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. The best part about this place is although accommodating to these diets, it's not like the only options are veggie burgers, salads and kale juice. This place is intense with how intricate their recipes are - and if you're looking to try something different, Red Bamboo is the place to go. 

Think Coffee
Schnippers: The American Dream packed into a restaurant. I'm talking french fries, burgers, milkshakes, coca-cola. They have it all. The setting in here is really cute: classic ketchup and mustard bottles, booths, and great graphic design on their menus. I had their veggie burger (which was okay) and fries (which was a B-) They have a variety of fast food options to try, and they're a reasonable price. I recommend coming here on your break from work, with your family, or with your sweetheart. It's just that place for everything!

Think Coffee: This place reminds me of a cabin-esque coffee shop you would find in the middle of a snowy mountain. The coffee here is good but you might find yourself waiting longing than you have planned - and it get's warm in there really fast. They have great pastries, and when I went they were offering autumn minestrone soup, which I wish I was hungry enough to try. 

Childhood Video Games

When I think of my childhood, I think of a lot of things: eating swiss cheese sandwiches in the school cafeteria, picking crabapple trees with my brother, and watching Winnie the Pooh with my grumpy bear and a bag of goldfish. Those are just a few. Yet there's another thing that was a huge part of my childhood: video games. From playing Pokemon on my gameboy color, to playing Crash Bandicoot on my PS1, to Call of Duty on my Xbox 360. There's a lot of memories associated with certain games and no matter how many new games come out, we always hold certain ones so close to our hearts.

I decided to interview ten people with these two questions: 1) What is your all time favorite childhood video game? 2) After all this time, why does this game remain so special to you? 

The answers were all quite different, which I found very intriguing. Nonetheless, everyone still has a special place in their heart for childhood video games.

I remember playing Black Ops at 2 am with some of my friends. I remember playing Rugrats with my cousins and neighbors. I remember playing Runescape in 4th grade. I remember playing Runescape two days ago. I remember playing Pokemon on my gameboy color. (Yellow was my first.) I remember playing Animal Crossing with my boyfriend. I remember playing Sly Cooper. Grand Theft Auto. Halo. Every Super Mario game. Spyro. Crash Bandicoot. All of the hilariously terrible Harry Potter games...and so much more. And you know what? When I think of these games, my heart melts and I start to feel all nostalgic.

Video game culture is something I'm more than proud to be apart of. From childhood into adulthood, I know video games will always be an important part of my life. Sure, I'm busy and I'm not going to let it get it in the way of living, but I will always make time to sit down and get gaming. (And I'm looking forward to the future of video games!)

Gamers out there: male and female, young and old, this or that: never let anyone make you feel bad for being a gamer. Some people just assume gamers are "depressed" or "anxious" when in reality, we just appreciate a good game! Video games are AWESOME. Now check out what these awesome gamers had to say about their all time favorite childhood video game and why it means so much to them. Feel free to check them out by clicking the link on their name. Happy gaming, everybody!

Sujel Hasbun: My favorite game of all time has to be the Megaman X but the entire series is everything to me. The game remains special to me because it went with my from every console, I had it with NES to Super Nintendo all the way to Playstation and now on my handhelds. Megaman is that character the consumed my doodles and sketchbooks.

Billy Muscatello: Crash Bandicoot. Because it was a really great part of my childhood; I remember always playing it. I also search if it will ever come back, which it might! I will always love the game and the characters.

Albyn:  Albion. The reason I remember it is because the game is separated into two views. One of them is the general top view and the second one is the first person view. To this view the game switches in dungeons. Playing it as a child made me scared of all the monsters and excited because of the running away from them. It seemed so real at that time. This is the reasons why I remember it, but the reason I like it is because of the story. It's like reading a book almost. You can go through the story and just finish the game, but then you'll miss all the interesting parts where the characters talk about the history of the world. And the world they created there is awesome. Plus there's a big twist at the end, which is something I enjoy in book/movies/games.

Thomas Fogg: Hm...I'd have to say Halo. It started the entire FPS genre. It was one of the first really good sci-fi games and helped create an empire. And of course I still have memories from when my friends would come over and we'd play on a little screen for hours at a time.

Allens Game Show: My favorite all time childhood video game is Double Dragon 2: The Revenge. It was difficult because there were so many other games like punch out, Mario, and even Contra, but this game started the whole shabanga bang. It's something about 2 siblings running the streets of downtown New York? and knocking out thugs and their bosses. As a young boy, I used to play fight a lot and once I got my hands on Double Dragon 2, it amplified my desire to play fight! The game itself sticks with you, the fighting, 2-D graphics, and even the story attracted me .Anything having to do with your childhood is unique, and you hold dear to you. Especially a system like Nintendo and the numerous games it brought kids during the late 80's early 90's. I recall many things as a kid, my favorite t.v. show Monster Ranchers came on at 5:30am before school started. After school Foxkids had its line up of amazing toons (like Batman: the animated series) which still kicks ass to this day. Double Dragon 2 fits in with this list of never forgotten memories because it is my childhood.

Roberto Morales: My all time favorite video game was and is Super Mario Bros 3 on snes. It was originally on nes and repackaged and sold as part of Super Mario All-Stars on snes, what i played it on. I was five years old and my aunts got it for Christmas. I was so jealous, they got to play it all day. I felt so awesome when i finally had a chance to play,i was the first to discover the warp whistle!! We would play the game for hours and hours with lots of it filled with anger,and frustration but ultimately happiness and a huge sense of accomplishment (That Treasure ship was the worst!!). Every once in a while i get to play it and I'm able to escape the stresses and responsibilities that is adulthood. SUPER MARIO BROS 3 FO LAIFF!!!

Victor Le: Kingdom Hearts. This game is special to me because it's Final Fantasy and Disney in the same game. Great storyline and amazing characters from both franchises. 

Drew Young: It's extremely hard for me to narrow down my choices of favorites games into one singular all time favorite! I mean there are so many that I love so I'm going to go with a three-way-tie between Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time, Kingdom Hearts, and Pokemon Silver. OoT is literally considered by critics the actual greatest game ever created and it's true. it was completely new of it's time and no game has ever come quite like it! it was originally for the Nintendo 64 and I remember playing it when I was around 7 or 8 with my brother and sister. it's a true adventure built with a beautiful landscape of Hyrule and packed with dungeons that are like puzzles you must figure out and of course plenty of bosses and monsters to defeat! it just leaves me with a real sense of nostalgia and I'll never forget it. in fact I've never ACTUALLY beaten the game, that's how extensive and amazing it is (in fact I want to get the Nintendo 3DS remake soon but that's another story) Kingdom Hearts. truly such an astounding video game! it's made by the same company that produces the Final Fantasy and focuses on Sora as he travels the universe of many Disney themed worlds to find his best friend Kairi. the synopsis makes it seem like a childish game but it's story is very deep and beautiful to experience, while the gameplay is challenging and the battles are so satisfied. I'll admit the ending of the game left me in tears.. just trust me. it's fantastic. Pokemon.. literally not much to explain here! I mean it's Pokemon!! the sense of creating your own Pokemon team and going on an adventure all your own? it's great! I chose Silver because they have the best Pokemon to choose from, it's story is the best and you can go back to Kanto after you beat the Elite Four and keep the adventure going! it was also the first Pokemon game I beat, so it has a soft spot.

Mufsin Mahbub: My favorite video game was Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis. This game has been special to me because I grew up playing this game as a kid. It was one of the first games that my father brought for me on my first ever console. I played that game with friends and family, which brought me joy every time I played with them. To this day, this game had a special place in my heart as a part of my childhood.

Mansu Edwards: Street Fighter 2. I remember waiting on line to play it in the arcade. People placing their quarter near the start button saying "they got next". The graphics were amazing and the challengers from different countries who had super moves that could wipe you out. And in this version you can select the bosses: Vega, M. Bison and Sagat. When it was available on SNES I was totally obsessed with it. I mean I played for hours either alone, with friends or against the computer. I could have used that time for goal setting or starting a business, but Street Fighter 2 had my mind, body and soul.

Day 17 x Halloween

17 Days of Autumn is over! I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did. But hey, Autumn is not over! Enjoy your November! Don't rush the holidays. But when December comes...you know what to do. Much love to you all.