20 The Office Themed Halloween Costumes

There is a holy trinity of NBC comedy that will never be beaten: The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock. While they are all so different, they all never fail to make me laugh. One of my favorite things about those TV shows that never fail to make me laugh? Seasonal episodes. The Halloween episode of any show is always a great one. Let me show you some awesome costumes from The Office. Maybe you'll find some costume inspiration. Maybe you'll remember how The Office is the best show of all time and you'll want to revisit all nine seasons on Netlix. Or maybe you'll just laugh at how hilariously clever and ironic these costumes are. Enjoy Dunder Mifflinites!

1. Michael Scott as two-headed Michael Scott

2. Jim Halpert as Facebook

3. Erin Hannon as Wendy

4. Dwight Schrute as the Queen of Blades

5. Pam Beesly as Charlie Chaplin

6. Andy Bernard as one of the cats…from Cats

7. Oscar Martinez as the "Rational Consumer"

8. Kevin Malone as Charlie Brown

9. Gabe Lewis as Lady Gaga

10. Nellie Bertram as Sexy Toby

11. Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard as Snooki and Justin Bieber

12. Darryl Philbin as Dracula

13. Meredith Palmer as Kate Middleton

14. Angela Martin as Nancy Reagan

15. Pam, Jim & Cece Halpert as the Popeye crew

16. Kevin Malone, Creed Bratton and Dwight Schrute as The Joker

17. Kelly Kapoor as Carrie Bradshaw & Phyllis Vance as Raggedy Ann

18. Creed Bratton as Osama Bin Ladin

19. Jim Halpert as "Dave"

20. Michael Scott as Macgruber

Day 15 x Exhaustion

Stress and exhaustion and numbness take over me yearly but in the end, I always win. 

Runescape Double XP Weekend

Runescape double XP weekend is right around the corner. It will be held this weekend: November 1st and November 2nd at your computer. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, you get double XP for 48 hours on runescape. So basically, if you normally get 60 XP while training on a skill, you'd get 120 points. This is awesome because we all know how exhausting and repetitive training can be.

Personally, I'm going to be working on woodcutting and firemaking, and maybe some attack while I'm at it. Are you gonna be playing this weekend and if so, what will you be working on? And be sure to check out my Old Runescape vs New Runescape post here.

Happy scaping everybody!

Day 14 x Your Song

Soul searching never really ends
or begins.

And yet I wonder why I yearn
for times that I never thought I would yearn for

And yet I cannot grasp
what I am yearning for
or how to get it
or how to feel it.

And I realize that nostalgia is not merely a feeling
but something that follows you around and roots itself inside of you to grow.

It's always with you but so is what planted the flowers inside of you.

Day 13 x Wildest Dreams

Say you'll remember me
Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams
Wildest dreams

Day 12 x Central Park Walks

I've been thinking a lot lately about nature; how it opened so many doors to me and really fed my soul. Nature is one of the little yet big things in life that means so much to me. Nature truly reminds me to stay grounded yet to keep reaching for the stars. The infinite possibilities of life, how grateful I am, who I am, why I'm here - and on and on.

I guess it's just vital for me to realize no matter where I am or what I'm doing - no matter how hot or cold it is, or how I feel, I must stay connected to nature.

My halloween themed disney sweater & avocado toast with too much lemon juice & soy mochas & light jazz in Central Park & the aroma of maple & leaves falling & you & I.

1989 by Taylor Swift: A Review

It's that time of year: when Taylor Swift comes out with an album! I'm full of excitement and opinions just like every other Taylor fan.

When people want to criticize Taylor, they are quick to say, "Well, uh, all she writes about is boys!" I wouldn't say Swift writes about boys. I would say she writes about relationships: how meaningful and deep it can be, the impact it can leave, the story it can tell. She writes about these relationships in such a way that makes us empathize, relate, and feel. I really feel at a point this made Swift reevaluate her music but you know what I say? Don't cater to the haters. Don't write about them in your songs. Don't let them affect you. Keep doing you because honestly? People love it. I love it.

There's also been quite some controversy over her album being labeled as 100% pop, compared to her last four albums being labeled as country. This is all I have to say: I don't care if her albums are labeled as country, pop, country-pop, rap, R&B, indie, opera. I don't care. Genres mean nothing to me. Taylor Swift will always be Taylor Swift no matter what, and each and every album will always be highly anticipated and full of new adventures. Would I say when she was labeled as country her music was 100% country? No. Would I say now that she's labeled as pop her music is 100% pop? No. There shouldn't ever be a controversy over such trivial issues. People should just listen to 1989 and give it a chance.

Jem Aswad wrote on 'The Billboard Review:' "(1989 is) an album that finds Swift meeting Katy and Miley and Pink on their home turf and staring them down." Statements like this make me laugh. Not only are Katy, Miley and Pink totally different and not remotely on the same level, but they don't even compare to Swift. I'm not particularly favoring one over the other, I'm just saying this statement is illogical. They have different fan bases, make different music and emerged at different times. Sure, they are all 'pop' artists, but that doesn't make them all on the same turf. That really goes to show how little a genre can mean when it comes to music and how it can quickly change based on perspective. 

Welcome to New York has an overwelming 80s vibe with fun techno beats. The lyrics really disappointed me considering this could've been a landmark NY song. On her instagram and in interviews she talks about how New York was always so important to her: lattes, front door steps, the cookies that changed her life. How she always wanted to move there and then she finally did. Yet the lyrics in this song are awfully repetitive and non-descriptive. However, I still find myself singing it to myself. Blank Space is a song full of adventure and new possibilities. How when you enter a relationship you don't know if it's going to last forever or a month. Regardless, it's worth it. Swift's voice in this song is full of passion, sass, and her cute country twang. (You can't escape it, girl.) "I can show you incredible things." 

When I think of the real jams on the album, I think of Style and I Wish You Would. Bubblegum pop mixed with Fearless Taylor mixed with disney channel mixed with iconic 80s music. The chorus is classic, makes you want to dance and keeps you coming back for more.

Wildest Dreams is a beautiful song conveying moods of nostalgia but it seems to be inspired by Lana Del Rey: the lyrics, the production, the music, and even the way Taylor sings. Luckily, I wasn't the only one thinking this. While I do really like the song, it's really hard for me to enjoy it when I know she ripped off of Lana and makes the song seem non-authentic. The chorus is still beautiful and takes me back. Bad Blood is a song full of agression, sass and passion. Rumored to be about Katy Perry, this excite me even more. "BANDAIDS DON'T FIX BULLET HOLES, YOU SAY SORRY JUST FOR SHOW." (In all caps for a reason.)

Bonus tracks are always the most interesting tracks. You R In Love is one of my favorite songs on the album, describing every detail of falling in love in such a soft, innocent tone. I seem to favor Taylor's slower songs which may explain why I'm so in love with this song - but all that aside, this song is literally flawless. New Romantics is another bonus track but I gotta say, I'm not a huge fan of how she claims this generation is the new romantics. This song seems awfully cliche to me.

A lot of people claim this is Taylor's best work. I personally like Speak Now the best, but you know what I know for sure? She will never have an album that disappoints me. I'm looking forward to the future of her music and still enjoying all of her albums. Way to go, Taylor. Thanks for the past 9 years of great lyrics, songs, and impact.

Day 11 x The House of Death

Today, I visited the "house of death" located on 14 West 10th Street in NYC. It is rumored to be the home of 22 ghosts, that tend to visit there quite often - Mark Twain being one of them. Tenants of this building mysteriously died, and there has been an overwhelming amount of deaths, suicides, and suspicious activity going on in the building for centuries.

It was interesting walking past it considering it was so quiet. There were no tourists. There wasn't anyone checking it out. There wasn't people walking in and out of it - it was just there. I gotta admit, it was eerie. Everything was locked up and decaying. I took a peek inside and the lights looked like they came out of a cheap 1920s motel. Many people who have lived in this building have reported that they have seen ghosts. Interesting.

October is always a fun time to ponder the mysteries of life and death and everything in between. It's always fun to adventure abandoned buildings, haunted houses and ouija boards but just remember that stuff is not a joke and to stay safe.

Day 10 x Home

Home is where the heart is.
Home can be a person.

Home can be a feeling.

Home can be a place.

Home is with you always...

you always must keep that in mind.

Day 9 x Enjoy and Savor

Make even the littlest, mundane things you do a work of art. Express yourself in your work, your play, and everything in between. We spend so much time at work, at school, doing errands, sleeping, getting ready, at meetings, and so on. Life is full of obligations, but as long as we look at them as obligations that all they will ever be. You have to flirt with life. When you drink coffee, savor the taste. Not the caffeine or the "morning boost" that in reality just makes you dependent on something unnecessary. Don't look at anything as survival, don't just try to get through the day. Sip your coffee, taste it, enjoy it.  The best part is you get to choose.

Day 8 x 400 Lux

You pick me up and take me home again
Head out the window again
We're hollow like the bottles that we drain
You drape your wrists over the steering wheel
Pulses can drive from here
We might be hollow, but we're brave

And I like you
I love these roads where the houses don't change (and I like you)
Where we can talk like there's something to say (and I like you)
I'm glad that we stopped kissing the tar on the highway (and I like you)
We move in the tree streets
I'd like it if you stayed

Now we're wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on
(You buy me orange juice)
We're getting good at this
Dreams of clean teeth
I can tell that you're tired
But you keep the car on
While you're waiting out front

-Lorde, 400 Lux - Pure Heroine 
 I love this song cause it represents two people driving around the same place constantly through each season and although nothings changed, it keeps getting better. This works on a literal and metaphorical level. I love it and think it's the perfect autumn song. Summer is over (kind of) and winter is coming (kind of). It means a lot to me because I've spent so much time in the car: driving to and from school, driving to and from work, driving to your house, driving to my house, driving to his house, driving to her house, driving to get food, driving back home. Every season. The same places. The same people. Yet a different experience each time with happy feelings associated with each moment. This song represents the eternal youth that lives within me throughout every season....

(and I like you)

Day 7 x OMG Nail Strips

Tis the season for spooky cookies and dark, passionate colors. Oh, and burnt, infected hands? (212 degree water. Ouch.)

The seasons changing are a great opportunity to be festive and expressive through your style. Ladies, that includes your nails. Yes, even if you hate doing your nails like me.

I got the chance to try out OMG nail strips. I tried nail strips a few times back in the day and really like them. It depends on how you do it and what brand/type you get. However I usually find them falling off quickly, either by accident or because you can't keep your fingers off of them.

I found them looking fake really fast, and the size strip they give you are 3 times larger than the average nail. I have abnormally small hands so it was even worse for me. They are fun to try and it might work out for you but you must keep in mind they are basically stickers. And stickers and nails aren't always so compatible. Nail polish might just be the best way to go, guys. Speaking of nails, there are so many cute fall themed manicures out there!

Whether you want to just be simple with a nice shade of maroon, mustard or orange - or perhaps you want to go full out and do something halloween themed.

Stay cozy and cute.

Day 6 x Jack O Lantern Peppers

Mmm! Festive meals always make me happy. But to be quite honest with you, I'm not a huge fan of fall foods. With spices like rosemary and sage, and vegetables like squash and sweet potatoes: it just doesn't do it for me. So recipes that include non-fall foods yet LOOK festive are always a plus. I love the idea of jack o lantern peppers because 1) They look like pumpkins! 2) Cheap and easy. 3) Carving them is fun and a great activity. 4) You can eat them raw or cooked. 5) You can put literally anything you want inside of the pepper.

I was thinking about the possibilities. You could put dips in there like hummus or guacamole but you can also make stuffed peppers, salad, etc. I stuffed them with one of my favorite chickpea salad recipes.

1 can of corn
2 avocados, diced
1/2 red onion, diced
1 can chickpeas
2/3 cup feta cheese
1 red pepper, diced
1/2 english cucumber

Cilantro Vinaigrette for the salad:
1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
1 tbsp white or red wine vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 tbsp chopped cilantro
6 tbsp olive oil

What you need to do: Take all of your ingredients, chop/dice them up, add them in a medium size bowl. Make the cilantro vinaigrette separately  combine with vegetable mix, then mix up. Then you can add them to each of their peppers. I would strongly recommend carving the peppers first though!


Day 5 x Dinner and Solitude

Yesterday was perfect. I made whole wheat spinach ravioli with a roasted red pepper sauce and had one of my favorite drinks: sparkling elderflower rose lemonade. I got to relax in my coziest pajamas while having a Parks and Rec marathon with my other half. I got to have solitude, and I got to be free. I got to overlook the city from my 30th floor bedroom and drink youthberry tea while just being and that was a beautiful thing.
It's important to take a break from all the work and just be. And just relax, and be in solitude.

Day 4 x Coney Island & Age

Yesterday, I went to Coney Island. All October they've been throwing a huge halloween harvest event. It was really cute - haybales, pumpkins, costumes galore. Yet little did I know, it was only for kids. I've been to a lot of halloween events that are only for kids! The world just expects once you turn 18 all you care about it clubbing and partying but that is not the case.

I'm not complaining or anything, I just wanted to speak about age. One of my #1 beliefs is that age is just a number. I think the world assumes too many things based on ho
w old you are. "Oh, you're a lot older, so you're not allowed to decorate pumpkins or go trick-or-treating or go on hayrides or take pictures with costumed characters etc." I think this is false! No matter what age you are, you are allowed to enjoy not only the holidays, but everyday. Whatever way you want.

Have a beautiful halloween doing what makes you happy.

Day 3 x Review of Men Women & Children

Men Women & Children: moving, thought-provoking, REAL. A film that addresses issues that may be too awkward to face. A film that shows how prominent internet & technology is in our generation: not in a negative way or in a persuasive way, but a realistic way. Whether we like it or not, the internet is slowly taking over everything, and we can choose to avoid it, but it may be harder than we think.

The characters in the film range from an overprotective mother that observes everything her daughter does online, a married couple that relies on affair + escort websites and porn to look for love and excitement out of their marriage, a depressed teenage boy who is obsessed with an online RPG game, a girl who goes to tumblr so she can take on a totally different identity, an anorexic girl who looks on thinspo websites for inspiration, and so much more.

Every character faced obstacles that were due to the internet, and it's interesting how they all used it as a method for escape. An escape from the world they live in, as if living on Earth isn't enough. The characters wanted the fakeness of the internet instead of the beautiful authenticity of the real world. Yet their relationships in real life and what really matters was falling apart due to how invested they were in the internet.

The film is full of text messages, facebook, and many other forms of social networking. My favorite part about it is that the websites they were on were the actual real websites, not some cheap replica of them. And the things they did or said on the websites were things people actually do. It was really refreshing to see this, considering most films make the internet seem like...not the internet.

The performances in the film were beyond amazing. I literally have never liked Adam Sandler in any film he's ever been in, but he really pulled off the role of Don Truby. It wasn't a comedic role at all, yet he nailed it. Jennifer Garner of course played the perfect motherly straight laced mother. Ansel Elgort has been in so many blockbuster films lately but this is by far his best. I loved him in The Fault In Our Stars but he really took on the character in this movie. I fell in love with his character and wanted to help. His female counterpart Kaitlyn Dever also portrayed her character flawlessly and together, they made the film special. Their character's love in the film made it worth watching.

Men Women & Children is originally a novel by Chad Kultgen. I liked the way amazon described it: "In Men, Women, and Children, his incisive vision, unerring prose, and red-light-district imagination are at their most ambitious and surprising, as he explores the sexual pressures of junior high school students and their parents navigating the internet’s shared landscape of pornography, blogs, social networking, and its promise of opportunities, escapes, reinvented identities, and unexpected conflicts."

I truly think Men Women & Children is a film of the generation. It can teach us all something. I've been preaching how bad the internet can be sometimes for years, and I'm truly so happy this film actually exists. Love matters. Life matters. The world matters. YOU matter. Don't throw that away for the internet.

Day 2 x Autumns in Ohio

Autumns in Ohio are...

a bonfire that never ends
the smoke that never washes away from your clothes
driving through tunnels of orange and red
coming alive after a long nap
coming back to life after taking your very last breath

Day 1 x Pumpkin Face Mask

Today I had an autumn-themed spa night with homemade pumpkin face mask and a pumpkin bubble bath from lush! The bubble bath was mainly for my feet, considering I walk a minimum of 32 blocks a day and work on my feet at least 6 hours a day, while wearing non supportive footwear. (Oops.)

The bubble bath was a soft orange glitter explosion that made me feel like I was in halloween paradise. Plus, it smells like a typical lush product. Aka, worth it.

I also made a homemade pumpkin face mask that is super easy to make.

All you need is:
A can of pumpkin puree (which is less than a dollar to purchase)
A splash of honey
An apple (smashed into pieces)
Tablespoon of cinnamon

This face mask has A LOT of benefits. Honey to soften the skin, pumpkin to rejuvenate the skin, an apple to revitalize and brighten the skin, and cinnamon to do some deep cleansing. Plus, the ingredients are totally appropriate for autumn.

17 Days of October

I am launching a project called 17 Days of October, in which I post daily photos of my October adventures on instagram and on my blog. This will include events, recipes, spa nights, halloween, beauty, film, and so much more. Stay tuned!

Protein Hot Chocolate

What if I told you that you could get plenty of protein from a cup of hot chocolate? Usually when we think of hot chocolate, we think of sugar. But surprisingly  this chocolatley drink is already full of protein and if made correctly, can be low sugar and low calorie. Hot chocolate ALREADY is full of protein. Don't ask me how, or why, but it is. But with one easy scoop of protein powder, it can easily be made into protein hot chocolate.

Your choice of cocoa powder, hot chocolate mix, syrup, melted chocolate, etc.
A mug.
1-2 tablespoons of chocolate protein powder

That's all you need! Then you know the drill. Warm it up, mix it up, and (hopefully) enjoy.

To make your very own hot chocolate bar, go here for tips and ideas!

New York Comic Con 2014: Thursday

I had the chance to attend New York Comic Con on Thursday, October 9th with my boyfriend Andrew. I didn't really know what to expect from this specific con, however, I have attended conventions before.

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed my time immensely, however, there's a few things I'd like to say.

After we got off the subway and started walking towards 37th and 11th, there were already volunteers pointing where to go. This seemed weird to me considering there's really no certain way to go, but I assumed they knew what they were talking about and that NYCC had a set of lines and entrances for everybody. This is not what happened. It took us at least an hour and a half to just get inside the building. They directed us around the building, only for us to loop around again. What? Finally, when we got to the entrance, they were just letting anyone in. It was very disorganized in that sense. And yeah, that happens at conventions, especially considering so many people were at NYCC. Yet I missed the only panel I was really dying to go to (Tomorrowland) because they delayed our entrance so much. Speaking of Tomorrowland, we did arrive 15 minutes before the panel started, yet it was too late because it filled up too fast. This happened SEVERAL times to hundreds of people, which really sucks because some people spend thousands of dollars to go to conventions and it's unfortunate they miss panels due to not waiting in line four hours in advance. The crowds were a lot, I gotta admit. But it wasn't too bad. 

Andrew and I voicing the chocolate scene in Spongebob
My all time favorite part was the lounge / video game area. It was right by the retailers, yet less hectic. You could sample games such as Resident Evil, Pacman and Just Dance 2015. People were sitting down and relaxing. It was nice. A group of four would choose a song from Just Dance and do it in front of a small group of people. Andrew and I chose 4x4 by Miley Cyrus, which was literally so funny because we had to do an intense dance with two random people. We also got to voice a scene from Spongebob which was a great opportunity! (pictured left) The people at the booths were really nice. They were always there to answer questions, let you try out their product, play games, and give out freebies. Medieval Times was there giving out tickets, t shirts, etc! This was the best part because it welcomed you. The booths and experiences you have at them are always a memorable one.

Normally, at conventions, there are celebrities walking around. You can get autographs and pictures without spending 70 dollars. I mean, what? There's a coziness about conventions. A warmness, really. New York Comic Con was REALLY fun, and I enjoyed my time. It just didn't seem like a true convention to me. I felt more stressed out than homey. You rarely ever saw the same person twice, NYCC itself didn't give out any freebies, and it really seemed like it was based off of money instead of passion for nerd culture.

Mac and Cheese truck outside of NYCC
If you are planning on attending NYCC or really any con in the future, here are some tips: Bring your own bag! Usually cons provide bags for you, filled with goodies and promotional materials. However, NYCC did not provide this! So carrying around things all day was an inconvenience. I also recommend packing your own food and drink. Do not spend five dollars on a bottle of coke or ten dollars on a small french fry. Do not wait in line for 30 minutes. Bring your own food. It saves time and money. (or you could spend 9 dollars on mac and cheese like me. Amazing taste. Expensive.) If you are in town while a convention is going on, it's not that much money to stop by for a day. However, if you are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to a convention make sure you know what you're getting into and make sure you get your moneys worth. 

NYCC? I'm really happy I went. It was a great experience, yet Leakycon forever holds a special place in my heart. NYCC is like New York. Crowded, busy, every man for himself. Yet if you really look, you'll find something that will make you happy. Just find out where everything is, get there on time, and know what you want. In reality, when it comes to any convention, there's so much to take in and so much to do yet so little time! With that in mind, live every convention to the fullest. Go to events, talk to people, take pictures! And ALWAYS have fun. 

4 Unconventional Ways to Relax Other Than Sleeping

Remember human beings need to relax. Leaning on a counter or taking a break from labor work doesn't make you lazy. Procrastinating isn't the worst thing in the world. Find little parts in your day where you can sit down and take a break from all the hassle. Don't settle for anything uncomfortable. Wear clothes that don't leave dents on your skin because they're so tight or the material is so harsh. Bring a jacket if it's cold. Sit at a seat you're comfortable with whether you are at school or at the movie theatre - it's important you can see and you're in a good location. Need glasses but don't wear them all the time? Bring them everywhere so you don't strain your eyes. Drink water. Or tea. Or soda. Whatever, keep yourself hydrated. Sleep in. Drown out the sound. Go outside in nature. Stay inside in bed. Read. Write. Stare. Breathe. Watch. Talk. Or never say a word. Listen. Or ignore. Or do none of that. That's fine.  I mean, just do what makes you relax. Do what makes you comfortable. And don't settle for something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Or maybe not. Relax in your own way.

1. Listen to Alan Rickman reciting poetry. No one has a voice like Alan Rickman. I used to fall asleep to him reciting Shakespearean sonnets, and then when we studied Sonnet 130 in english class, I knew it by heart and everyone was either really impressed or really creeped out. Regardless, it's worth a try. He has the voice of a fallen angel. This is Severus Snape were talking about after all. You can listen here.

2. Go to the library and listen to the background noise. Whether you want to get work done or relax, this is the place to go. The sound of background noises can be really relaxing depending on who you are. The sound of typing, books rubbing against one another, pages turning, people breathing, light whispers and footsteps. This is the place to be. Personally, the sound of typing relaxes me to the point my entire body starts to drop and my head feels like it's floating. A "brain tingle" as they would call it. Or, if you are crazy like me, listen to this at home here.

3. Get the sleep pillow app. I got this many years ago because I was trying to go to sleep but too many people were making noise. I've taken naps to this too. They offer sounds like bonfires, thunderstorms and oceans. I don't use it on a regular basis, mostly just for naps or when I'm trying to cancel out other sounds. It's convenient to have if you have the storage on your phone though!

4. Be cold and do things that make you warm. Turn up the AC or lower the heat. Turn on the fan. Change into shorts. Then immerse yourself in blankets and a hot beverage. The quick change from cold to warm and toasty is one of the most relaxing transitions, and it always makes me fall asleep within seconds.

The Tea Experiment / #4

When it comes to bottled teas, I’m not really into the whole “ginger green tea with antioxidants and kale extract.” Yet at the same time, I’m not into the whole tea flavoring with aspartame thing either. That’s why I love Honest Tea. 

It’s the perfect balance of good taste and healthy. The tea is fair trade, they use REAL tea leaves to brew it, filtered water, organic sugar and juices. My favorite tea by them is the raspberry tea, and it only has 25 grams of sugar. Compared to other iced teas, this is next to nothing. (Not to mention a good soda alternative!) 

I’ve been drinking honest tea and ade for a few years now, and they haven’t produced a drink I haven’t liked. They’re honest. They aren’t trying to glamorize their product or brag about how healthy they are. They say, “Hey. We’re not going to make you lose weight overnight, nor are we covering up bad chemicals with ‘artificial flavoring.’ But we’re real.” I love the Snapple raspberry tea (diet and regular) but it doesn’t taste 100% real. It’s a bit too sweet. And quite frankly, it makes me feel sick sometimes. I’m not one to turn down a good iced tea, but if I see it has more sugar than a can of coke, count me out. 

The Honest raspberry tea tastes good with anything from fast food to salad. It’s good at night and in the morning. I’m so happy
I decided to try it because it’s my go-to drink now.

Canyon View

the metal in your heart ticking like a clock
for 14 years and 10 months
the brick colored armed chair 
the gold cross necklace 
the sea green shag carpets
the white leather couch
the mahogany coffee table full of crayons

the landline at 9043 
the bills and the junk mail
the sugar wafers
the snyders potato chips

the lipton red tea with no sugar, just milk
that familiar aroma that scent I can’t describe 
the scent of spaghetti 
and expensive makeup 
and thrift stores
and nightgowns
the scent of leopard print 
and florida
and nautical sweaters
and morning talk shows
and canyon view drives
the scent of home 
of happiness
and everything you gave to me
and everything I give back to you everyday

I hope you’re proud. 

October is Here

It's October, finally! I always express my love for all of the seasons and holidays here, but October is one of my favorite months. Why? There's a lot of reasons why. Let me explain.

1. It's the best month for art. Films, TV shows, books, music, theatre, video games, festivals...this is the month that kickstarts the release of our favorite masterpieces. Our favorite TV shows finally start airing once a week and Netflix finally releases the last season of TV shows we are always behind on. Authors are releasing books, musicians are releasing albums, and the media can't shut up about it. Late summer through early winter is a beautiful time for art. I love listening to new albums on spotify or spending a rainy evening at the movies and then forming an opinion on it. Ahhhh, yes. The most wonderful time of the year.

2. The fashion. I mean, it's not too cold or too hot. Quite frankly, it has it's ups and downs. And it may be different for you depending on where you live. In the winter and summer, I feel myself too focused on dressing for the temperature, yet in the fall, I get to bend that rule a bit.

3. Seasonal items. 95% of places participate in this. Your favorite coffee shop will have a pumpkin spice latte, there will be costumes, candy and decorations at your local Target, Bath and Body works will have apple cider candles, and your favorite restaurant might specialize in a harvest soup or butternut squash ravioli. No matter what it is - it's exciting if you're enthusiastic about the holidays or change of seasons! Some places only sell certain things in the fall, and it's best to enjoy it when you can. It also makes my mood a bit better to really immerse myself in the season!

4. The beauty. Every season is beautiful in it's own way. I mean, hey, life is beautiful, right? But there's something special about October. The scent of the air, the colors of the leaves, the nostalgic coolness of the evenings. To take a walk in the woods in mid-October is one of the most freeing things one could do. October makes me feel warm inside. It's beautiful.

5. The coziness. I love to get cozy during every season, but I love October because once it starts, a little part of me inside jumps up and down knowing I get to wear sweaters and jackets for months. October is the beginning of hot chocolate, maroon sweaters and heaps of blankets.

6. The expressiveness, the inspiration, the happiness. This isn't exclusive to October. However, I will say this: October makes me realize so much. I become one with myself again. I get situated again. I get back on the right track again. October always does that for me. I feel ready to create, to live, and to love. It has a light, acoustic, raw feeling to it. Feelings of bittersweet nostalgia overtake me. I come alive and my soul comes alive. October always reminds me I am free to be who I am. The change of seasons is always so refreshing to me, but Autumn will always have a special place in my heart.

My love for October is now clear. Tune into pinkchanelsuit through October to see my reviews on the latest releases, my experiences, and adventures! So excited and happy I get to experience Autumn again.