Ethereal Interviews: SEPTEMBER 2014 x CHASE COY

This is an interview I think you guys will love. For September, I got to interview Chase Coy, singer/songwriter and producer. His music really hits home with me, conveying themes of nostalgia, love, hope, and seasons. When I listen to his songs, I feel completely immersed in it. The imagery is beautiful and simplistic. Chase started putting out CDs in high school, and his career sky rocketed from then. This is by far my favorite interview I've ever done, and his answers really make you think. His music is available on itunes and you can find out more about him here.

1. In your song "Eight Dollar Engagement Rings," you say there's something about Ohio you can't help but love. I've grown up in Ohio my entire life. I've always dreamt of escaping it, but no matter what I say, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I just gotta ask, what do you love about Ohio?

At the time I wrote that song, I was dating a girl from Ohio so I was mainly referring to her. I spent a lot of time there during that time, and came to really love it.

2. Your music has a lot of nostalgic tones to it. Nostalgia can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. How do you feel about nostalgia and how do you deal with it?
I think nostalgia is a bit dangerous in that we try to convince ourselves things were better than they were sometimes. I think reflection is maybe a better way of looking at it. I try to give myself some space from events before I look back and try to figure out exactly how I feel about it, and that's when I typically put it in a song.

3. If you could work with any artist, who would it be?
I was really overwhelmed by the opportunity to work with Colbie Caillat when I started out, being a huge fan of her music. There's really too many talented people out there to choose just one, but at the moment I'm really into Noah Gunderson.

4. You've had music out since you were in high school. That takes true passion. Most people can barely balance school with  everything else - and you had CDs out. Is making music something that is absolutely necessary to you, regardless of circumstances? Why or why not? 
Music has always been something that took priority in my life. At certain times in high school, it probably hurt my grades more than it should have, but I guess it all worked out!

5. In "Take Me Away," you state: "There's more than this Midwestern town / I can't let this place keep me down." In a lot of your songs, you talk about wanting to get away from it all. Do you still feel this way?
The older I get, the more I appreciate where I came from and how much it helped shape who I've become. I love getting to visit my family back home, and it will always hold a special place in myheart.

6. You have always remained so consistent as an artist and I think that shows authenticity. What do you think it means to "be yourself?"
I think the main thing is that everyone has to define that for themselves. It's a really difficult concept because people seem to like to point out when people have "sold out" or things like that, but the bottom line is the only person you have to justify your actions to is yourself. No one else can know what it means to truly be yourself.

7. What's your Starbucks order?
I actually don't drink coffee at all so it's a peppermint hot chocolate for me.

8. Autumn, winter, spring, summer. Sunrises, leaves falling, blue skies. November, December...just some of the imagery in your music. What's your favorite season - and why?
Autumn is by far my favorite season. I love the beauty of it, and the weather can't be beat. Getting to wear jackets and enjoy a light breezy day is simply the best.

9. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?
I think we can all agree that labels along these lines can really serve to alienate people and bring along some connotations as well. I will say I am a believer in the Bible and I hope anyone who wants to know more beyond that would come to me to find out what I believe and not make assumptions. I think the world could benefit from more people with attitudes like that.

10. After all your experiences with love, relationships, breakups, and everything in between, can you still say you believe in love? 
Absolutely. Love comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but it's out there and it's making a difference in the world.

11. I love what you said on your website regarding production: "Simplicity can sometimes be the most powerful tool." What exactly do you mean by this?
I'm a very simple person. Whether it comes to writing or production, I always try to make sure that anything I add is necessary and brings the level of everything up. If it's not serving a purpose, it is really just distracting from the important aspects of the song.

12. What can we expect to see from Chase Coy within the next few years?
I'm working on a new full-length album right now, and I'm always writing and producing for other artists. I expect in the next few years you'll see a lot more of both of those things.

13. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. What is a word of advice you would like to offer to readers?
Find something you love to do, then do it to death. Nothing is better than being able to spend your time pursuing things you're passionate about.

Shades of Autumn

While it's in the high 80s the entire week, autumn is near. 90% of my wardrobe is autumn clothes, so I'm quite excited. While I don't wear lipstick too much, I like darker shades, and it seems to just look best in autumn. Yet I feel like it's either hit or miss with lipstick. I'm always looking for an exact shade, and it's literally NEVER what they display at the bottom of the tube or in advertisements. Not only that, but the color looks different on everyone depending on your natural lip, skin, and hair color. With all that in mind, I'd thought I would share some of my favorite all-year lip sticks, and perhaps, you will find they'll become your favorite autumn lipsticks.

Revlon Black Cherry- This is a lipstick I just recently tried. It's of great quality, stays on easily, keeps lips moisturized  and the color is probably my favorite. For a lot of people it might be too dark, but I think it's the perfect mixture between black and red. The name 'Black Cherry' doesn't lie. I would recommend this for an autumn evening. This is by far my favorite shade.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 40- Expensive. Like, this lipstick is more expensive than your entire outfit. However, I love the shade of red. I have never found a shade of red so perfect. It's not dark at all, but it's not a trashy red, and it's not an eccentric red. It's just laid back. I love that, because red lipstick isn't always meant to pop. You can go to any Chanel stand and try it out for free to see if you really like it.

Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb- This is very similar to Revlon Black Cherry, except its like a dollar. The quality isn't the best, however it mixes well with other lipstick and stays on NO MATTER WHAT. I like the color a lot though, it's very unique. A lot of people mistake it for black, actually. It's so cheap so I say, "why not?" I do warn you, though: it's very dry.

Wet N Wild Cashmere- I've never tried a brown lipstick before and it's not my favorite shade to use, but this is also a very laid back shade that would look good with shades of beige. This lipstick is actually pretty good quality considering how cheap it is. I got it for 89 cents at walgreens. So once again, why not?

Mary Kay Whipped Berries- This shade goes on easy and is easy to take off. I love it. It's a light maroon color with a hint of velvet purple. I've been using this lipstick for years and it hasn't failed me. It's a lot lighter than the other shades I mentioned. 

Buffalo Cauliflower "Wings"

I love trying new vegetarian recipes. Sure, I love the prepackaged vegetarian products by gardein and morning star, but it's always fun making things from scratch too. I've been a vegetarian for about 2 years now, and realized this: when it comes to meat / fake meat / tofu / veggies / ETC: it's usually the sauces and seasonings that make it taste good, rather than the actual food. So, yes, these buffalo cauliflower "wings" may have a bit of a different texture, but they still taste pretty good.

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of meat. I would basically just eat chicken fingers. So it's not like my transition to vegetarianism has been hard, or that different for me. People constantly ask me, "Don't you ever miss meat? What about chicken?" No, I don't. Being a vegetarian doesn't mean I only eat raw vegetables and organic smoothies, guys. I still eat fried food, junk food, etc.  I just don't consume meat. Another question that comes up in conversation a lot is "WHY are you a vegetarian?" After you've been a vegetarian for a while, you kind of forget why, honestly. I'm not a hardcore animal activist, I'm not super healthy and worried about my diet, and I'm not doing this for weird spiritual reasons either. However, I am a vegetarian for a reason. For health reasons, for animal reasons, and for religious reasons. I feel like it's a good decision for me, and it's true to myself. So that's all that matters.

Another misconception is that all vegetarians find meat eaters disgusting or immoral. This is completely FALSE! In my case, at least. I do not care if you eat meat or not. That is entirely your decision, and it's okay. It's really all about perspective when it comes to eating meat vs not eating it. And both perspectives, in my opinion, have valid points.

I made this last night and thought I would share it with you guys: Buffalo Cauliflower "Wings!" Here's what you'll need.

1 head of cauliflower, chopped into florets
1/2 cup water
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup any type of milk (regular, almond, soy)
1/2 cup buffalo sauce
2 tbsp butter

Now here's what you need to do!

1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
2. In a bowl, mix together milk, water and flour.
3. Dip each floret into the batter, coating generously. Set on a cooking sheet.
4. When done, put in the oven to cook for 20-25 minutes.
5. Right before you're about to take it out of the oven, mix together melted butter and buffalo sauce in a separate bowl.
6. Brush each individual floret with the buffalo sauce mixture.
7. Transfer to another cooking sheet and cook for 10 minutes.
8. Immediately serve, great served with celery and ranch.

This was incredibly simple to make, and is a super awesome vegetarian appetizer. Enjoy!

To Be Inspired 
To be inspired  is an awfully wonderful thing. I am so excited for autumn and all the adventures it will bring. Life is an adventure, and I am so happy I get to be apart of it. I have to ability to live my dreams, to experience new things, and to enjoy the infinitely beautiful and unique pleasures of each and every day.

The Tea Experiment / #3

There I was, casually strolling down the aisles of Giant Eagle. "Oooh, tea," I think to myself. Then I come across a tea called Matcha Maker, by a brand named Good Earth. It looked interesting. I mean, I love matcha green tea, and I was looking for a new green tea to try considering it's my favorite kind of tea. So, I bought it. 
Not my photo. Belongs to Good Earth.

Je regrette. I had it later that night when I got home, and it smelled sort of like a herby orange creamsicle mixed with medicine. Regardless, I took a sip. However, after that sip, I knew that I couldn't have another one. It was way too sweet, and tasted too citrusy. I couldn't even taste the green tea! As I was reading the ingredients, I finally realized why. Most teas are just tea. They have tea leaves, and sometimes dried fruit, floral accents, or natural flavors to enhance the flavor. However, this had stevia in it. What? Stevia? No wonder it was so sweet. I never even add sugar to my tea so that was a surprise for me. It also has added lime oils, natural flavors, and orange oils. So it had a lot of unneeded flavoring in it. To me, tea is supposed to be a sort of muted flavor. And you can always add things to it to enhance it, but I should never have to take a sip of tea and be shocked. 

As I'm on their website right now, they call their teas "tea fusions." Which makes sense, because their teas seem to be more of a fusion of flavors rather than just tea. I'm glad I tried it and all, and hey, who knows, maybe you'd end up liking it. This is definitely not the tea for me and I probably won't ever try their tea again unless it just randomly pops up into my life for free. Otherwise, this is about it! You can check out their products here.

Pixella Creations: Express Your Love for Video Games!

Crash Bandicoot. Mario. Pokemon. Legend of Zelda. Spyro. You've had to at least hear of one of those video games before. For me, they're apart of my childhood. I still play them on a weekly basis and hold a very special place in my heart for them. I've said this many times before and I'll say it again: I love expressing myself through fashion. And I LOVE video games, so expressing my love for video games through fashion is even better!

Pixella Creations is an etsy shop ran by a woman named Sarah from Scotland. I can tell she takes passion in her work and has natural artistic ability. I mean, she makes signature symbols from video games into clay masterpieces! I can barely make a decent shape with clay. The pieces she makes are so accurate and neat, and they're very affordable! You can wear a pokeball around your neck, or power stars on your ears! She also does custom orders, which is always nice to hear. I recommend this for any retro video game fanatic. Check out her shop here and follow her on instagram at @PixellaCreations to stay up to date on her latest creations.

I Finally Saw What If! (Review)

I remember seeing the preview for What If on a May evening, and thinking, "Daniel Radcliffe? I need to see this movie." I grew up with Dan, basically. He was Harry Potter for ten years, and I am still 100% invested in Harry Potter. I didn't care what the movie was about. The moment I saw his face, I knew I needed to see it. With all that aside, I really respect Dan as a person. He seems to have so much depth, be very cultured, yet has a certain light heartedness and sense of humor on top of that depth. If I could go out to coffee with any celebrity, it would most likely be him.

What If is about a medical school drop out who has a cynical view on life and love (Daniel Radcliffe) who falls in love with quirky and super awkward manic pixie dream girl. (Zoe Kazan) It has been compared to 500 Days of Summer a lot, and while I see the correlation, this film did not really compare. I was getting the feeling that it had a sense of try-hardness to it. (not a word, but it describes it, so I am using it anyways.) There were scenes in which Radcliffe and Kazan were talking that I simply couldn't stand. It seemed like the writers and producers wanted this film to be as quirky and hipstery as possible. 500 Days of Summer, however, had a natural edge to it. Deschanel IS quirky, she doesn't have to try to be something. There are a lot of scenes, themes, and even lines that are VERY similar to 500 Days of Summer, which made me kind of suspicious.

What If played around with the idea of a man and a woman being just friends. The idea of sex, cheating, friend-zoning, and everything in between. Yet I felt that the message wasn't as clear and concise as I would like it to be. When reading a book, watching a film, or analyzing a poem, I realize that the message may not always be clear. I realize some things are open ended and up to interpretation. Yet at the end of the movie, there was nothing to interpret. The movie lacked symbolism and did not answer all of the questions they proposed throughout the film. Everything seemed to happen really fast. After all, they jam packed about two years into 98 minutes, leaving a lot of plot holes.

There are a lot of one liners in this movie that made me laugh. Not in a "oh-my-gosh-i-can't-breathe" way, but in a "how clever!" kind of way. Radcliffe is hilarious to me. He delivers lines so well, and makes me laugh sometimes without even doing anything. He has great comedic timing, EVEN in Harry Potter. We all can't forget the scene in Half Blood Prince where he drinks the liquid luck.

Overall, I think this is worth seeing. Maybe you can get it at red box or check it out at your local library in a few months. I really actually did enjoy watching this film and was looking forward to it for months. Literally, I was checking fandango on a weekly basis. While it may have a few plot holes and not a clear theme, it was entertaining. I give it a 6.8/10.

Robin Williams: What Dreams May Come

The world has lost a comedy icon and genuine soul, yet heaven has a lot to be looking forward to knowing they get a front row seat to this comedic genius.

I'm here to talk about my favorite Robin Williams movie. From Jumanji to Aladdin, to Dead Poets Society and Mrs Doubtfire, Robin has played hilarious roles that really sparked my childhood with joy. Yet, none of those movies are my favorite. My favorite is, without a doubt, What Dreams May Come.

What Dreams May Come is a film that plays around with the ideas of heaven and hell, eternity, life and death, suicide, soul mates and twin flames, true love, and so on. If you know me, you know I am absolutely fascinated with these ideas and when its incorporated into a piece of art - I have to see it. I feel like nowadays films, books and tv shows very rarely bring up these subjects because it may offend someone or may come off wrongly. However, this movie is absolutely beautiful to me in every single way possible. I don't want to spoil it for you, but Robin Williams dies at the beginning of the movie. He explores the afterlife with his dog, his kids, and later on, his eternal lover. He meets new people, gets to live in his dream house, and see the beauty of everything around him.

Richard Matheson, the creator of this lovely film, died about a year ago. He was a very smart yet spiritual man who incorporated his ideas of the "supernatural" into art. "I think What Dreams May Come is the most important book I’ve written. It has caused a number of readers to lose their fear of death — the finest tribute any writer could receive." Matheson believed that death was only but a veil, a veil that we could not see behind. But with a little hope and soul searching, we could find out what lies behind that veil. 

Robin Williams' performance in this film is phenomenal and reassuring. You see true happiness and true pain in his eyes throughout the film, and I think it's worth watching. May Robin Williams' eternity be a blessed one. 


Honey Garlic Vegetarian Meatballs

Hello all! I love vegetarian meatballs. They taste great smothered in tomato sauce and topped off with parmesan cheese. However, I've been looking for a new way to enjoy them than my usual. So, I searched the internet for some recipes and found this and thought I would share it with you all. I admit, I was a bit hesitant. The ingredients looked very simple and almost kind of gross to me. Even when I was making it, it smelled weird. But I kept on thinking, "this recipe was on tons of can't be that bad." It turned out actually pretty good! Similar to an asian stir fry, almost. I personally like my meatballs best in tomato sauce, though. My family enjoyed these, so I think it's definitely worth a try - it makes a good appetizer for a get together!

Bag of vegetarian meatballs (I used gardein, however morning star is good too)
Tbsp of butter
4 cloves of garlic
3/4 cups ketchup
1/2 cup honey
3 tbsp soy sauce
salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, etc (up to you)

1. First things first, get a frying pan and heat a tbsp of butter. Add and mince the garlic. In a separate bowl, add ketchup, soy sauce and honey. Mix. (sounds gross, I know. I had a hard time doing it.)

2. Add the mixture to the frying pan. Let simmer for 1-3 minutes.

3. Add frozen meatballs to the pan! According to the back of the gardein bag, you usually need to cook them for 15 minutes. Just make sure you are watching them so they don't burn AND so they cook all the way through.

4. Serve meatballs. They can be eaten with a stir fry, rice, pasta, a snack or appetizer - really anything. Feel free to garnish with anything you like. I used crushed red pepper because I like everything to have a little kick to it.

That's all there is to it. I thought I would share this recipe with you, because some people really like it! However, it's not my favorite due to the fact I don't like asian food that much. Let me know what you think if you try it. Regardless, I recommend gardein AND morning star meatballs. They are always SO good. Try it in your favorite sauce, seriously. XO

The Tea Experiment / #2

For the second installment of The Tea Experiment, I will be reviewing Lipton's blueberry pomegranate white tea. I've had mixed feelings about purchasing this, because their iced teas tend to be full of fake flavoring and barely any tea. The ingredients of this specific tea is listed here: White tea, rosehips, green tea, hibiscus flowers, natural flavor, sweet blackberry leaves, dried black currant fruit pieces, dried blueberry fruit pieces, dried raspberry fruit pieces, modified corn starch, sunflower lecithin. 

Not too bad, right? I mean, maybe there's people saying "OMG natural flavor? What could that ever be?" or "Is that organic? Please tell me it's organic." I can't really tell you that, but this tea is tolerable for me to consume. It has REAL ingredients in it. After being brewed, the tea leaves a lovely aroma throughout the room that is perfect for any morning. However, don't let the scent full you! I would recommend brewing as long as possible because I wouldn't consider this tea strong. The taste at first is hard to convey into words. It's like a mix between a strawberry banana smoothie and pink starbursts. Yet at the same time, it's not really that sweet. Keep in mind, it's tea. What really attracted me about the tea was the teabag. They come in these pyramid tea bags made of a strong material. They're fun to use.

I would definitely recommend having this tea iced rather than hot. The taste goes down better when iced, in my opinion. Now. Would I recommend this tea to others? I think it's worth a try to see if you like it, but I'm more of a green tea person. I could see making iced tea with this as the base and infusing it with fruit. That would be delicious! Fruity teas always seem risky to get for me because you never know what you're gonna get!

Forever 21 & Peter Pan Collars & Trends

The other day I purchased these two dresses from Forever 21. The moment I laid my eyes on them, I HAD to get them, and that rarely happens to me while shopping. Maroon dress with white polka dots and a peter pan collar? Yes. Maroon and navy plaid with a peter pan collar? Even more yes. I will admit the material is kind of weird, but it doesn't matter.

I love peter pan collars so much and want everything in my closet to have one! I mean, I'm even wearing one in my blog header. I've also been looking for plaid dresses/skirts everywhere, but of course, it was always "ugly" until Katy Perry copied Charli XCX. It's funny how that works, isn't it? A celebrity wears something and then suddenly you see it everywhere in stores. That's EXACTLY what Forever 21 is about, which is why I have a hard time shopping there.

They hop onto literally every trend there is. Personally, I could care less about trends. My style is my style. Its consistent and it doesn't change with the seasons. I know what appeals to me. I know how to express myself. So I only find something at Forever 21 every now and then. They are also known to rip off of indie artists, which is just plain shallow. I mean, come on, you guys are a multi-million dollar company. Is that really necessary?

Regardless, I will say Forever 21 is a nice stop if you're at the mall, whether you find anything or not. It's always huge. There is a variety of clothes and sizes. And while it's sometimes cheap in material, it's usually pretty cheap in price too.

With fall ahead, I am very excited to see what stores all over the place have to offer! It's by far my favorite season. And I can't wait to wear these dresses all year long.

Junkroom Jewellery!

I have great news for you guys. Close your eyes. No, don't actually, that was just for dramatic effect. Imagine a world where you can wear earrings with literally anything on it. Wait...the world we live in is magical and infinitely adventurous and beautiful and breathtaking..right? Exactly. So we DO live in a world where you can wear earrings with literally anything on it. From pizza to Starbucks fraps to Miley Cyrus and Oprah. Those are just some of the unique designs that Junkroom Jewellery has. Yet the owner, Rebecca, does custom orders. That's really awesome, if you ask me. You get the chance to be creative in the earring creating process! The earrings are not tacky at all, they can casually go with any outfit without being too flashy. They are also very expressive at the same time!

I love my avocado and instagram logo earrings. I never knew I would ever want such a thing, and then I saw them and felt like they would be so adorkable for several occasions.

Now, for the grand finale, I have even more AMAZING news for you. You can get 20% off any order on their website just by entering the code PINKCHANELSUIT. That's it! Their items are a really good price - and with the coupon code, you can't beat it.

Go to their etsy here to purchase!

Ethereal Interviews: AUGUST 2014 x SARAH SNITCH

Apparently, August is here already. But so is the interview for August! I got to interview youtuber, former disney cast member, and internet personality Sarah Snitch! She's extremely witty and has a presence about her. She knows who she is, and has undertones of passion and enthusiasm in everything she does. I remember briefly meeting her at Leakycon 2011, and watching her youtube videos a few months later. She was just...sassy and sarcastic but in a cute, down to earth way. I hope you are all excited to see what she has to say, I know I was! After all, "Ethereal interviews is to see how genuine souls see the world differently and how immaculately beautiful that is." You can watch her youtube videos here.

1. I love your youtube videos! Do you find coming up with things to make videos about is a complicated process, or is youtubing something that just comes naturally to you?
Coming up with video ideas is the hardest part of YouTube-ing! There are some periods of time where I have one million ideas and I'm super energized and I blow through them all at once, and other periods where I have nothing. The editing process is really natural for me, though. It's my favorite part. I don't like filming as much as I like editing.

2. Many people love disney. I mean, it's awesome. Yet your love for disney knows no bounds. When did you figure out you had such an immense love for disney?
I've loved Disney my whole life! There was no start that I can remember. I was raised watching Disney movies. When I was 1 year old my mom would take me to Disneyland after dropping my sisters off at elementary school. I almost literally grew up there. So it was natural that the obsession would continue into my adulthood.

3. Your video about hating Ariel is hilarious. I never really actually thought about it that way. What disney princess do you connect with the most, and why?
I've always said I love Belle the most because she's the "smart" princess, but she has her faults too (pretentious much?). I still resonate with Belle a lot because she is ambitious and wants more for herself than what people expect from her. I also love Rapunzel because she has that classic goodie two shoes / please her mama conscience, but also can't help but seek adventure. I feel like I am like that.

4. I have been a fan of yours since 2011. So, when this whole youtube scandal happened, I was feeling a lot of feelings. It's disappointing  quite frankly. You have a lot strength, and that was proven when you came forward about Alex. I like when you said, 'So many people are surprised to hear these things about Alex because he “stands for” great things and is “so nice”, but there is a huge difference between what someone says and what someone does. Nice people don’t cheat on their girlfriends. Nice people don’t manipulate underage girls. Nice people don’t purposefully avoid their fans saying, “Don’t make eye contact with her, if she knows I saw her I’ll have to stop and take a picture”.' A lot of people still continue to stay "loyal" to the men that have manipulated and sexually abused young women. Yet you have a point, it doesn't matter if it happened in the past. That person still did bad things. A few months have passed, how do you feel about these men staying active in the youtube community? 

Sarah and boyfriend Leo disneybounding
Well, luckily the man that affected me the most hasn't remained active. It's hard. A lot of the other accused people have been able to continue living their lives, basically at the expense of their victims who are, in some cases, struggling on the daily. Some of them have fan bases so large that they will probably continue being unaffected by it all. It sucks. I have a lot of feelings too. It makes me sad. I want them to be held accountable for what they did and continue to do. I think a lot of people can't reconcile the fact that someone they looked up to, who DID do nice things over the course of their career, also did horrible things. Horrible people can do nice things. 

5. What does the word love mean to you? I'm aware it's quite impossible to define, and different for every individual, but try to put it in your own words.
Wow. Um. I think love means loyalty and honesty. Always doing your best to do good by someone and to never let them down, if you can avoid it. Those are the two most important qualities in relationship (of any kind!) to me: loyalty and honesty. And the promise to always be willing to adapt when necessary. 

6. You are locked in a room with Ursula, Peter Pettigrew and Vee (from OITNB). Marry, Sex, Kill. GO.
Kill Vee. For sure. She's horrifying. Marry Peter and sex up Ursula? (Where would you even have sex with her??)

7. I discovered you through the Harry Potter fandom, and it's nice to see that you, me, and thousands of others can still bond over the boy who lived. *sniff sniff* Although the official book series and movie series is over, I feel Harry Potter is eternal and I always find myself going back to it somehow. Is Harry Potter one of those things that will always be apart of you? 
Oh, yes! I just got my long awaited Harry Potter tattoo, so I plan on loving it and having it *literally* be a part of me forever. To adapt something that Dumbledore said once - the things we love never truly leave us! If we loved it at one point, we will absolutely always hold fond memories of it, even if it doesn't always stay an active part of our lives. 

8. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?
I guess so. I don't really believe in any one religion, but I believe in SOMETHING. Sometimes it feels like I believe in karma. Just, what you put out is what you get back. But that's pretty much the extent of it for me.

9. What does it mean to "be yourself?" 
I think "being yourself" is not stunting your growth and not making concessions based on other people's selfishness. I say it in that way because, yes, we may sometimes have to adapt to people's very real concerns. You can't make sex jokes in front of your boss, etc. But you should always be able to act in a way that's true to your own moral code. In that way, no one should be able to stop you just because it makes them uncomfortable or because they don't understand. I'm being very nonspecific here, I know, but I just think "being yourself" means not second guessing. 

10. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. What is a word of advice you would like to offer to readers?
No problem you'll ever have is unique. Now, I know how that sounds, but what I mean is that anything you're going through - there are people out there who have been through the same thing and are there to help and to listen. You're never alone.