Strawberry Essence Water!

Refreshing drinks come along with spring and summer. For me, it's usually just water. But ever now and then I like to spice it up. Strawberry essence water is perfect for this! Not only does this drink speed up your metabolism and burn fat, it taste really good!
All you need to do is fill your jar/pitcher/etc with ice. The ice input it entirely up to you, I just covered the bottom with it.

Next, cut up ten strawberries in half and add them to the mixture. Add a whole lemon cut in half. Then add a 3-6 sprigs of mint! Shake it up and you have your strawberry essence water.

Happy in my own little world.

My bio on social networking sites has been "happy in my own little world" for years now. It's always been my catchphrase. But what does it mean?

I've been "happy in my own little world" forever. Yet I've never tried to express it into written words.

Happy in my own little world means all of those years I pretended my bed was a birds-nest or a desert island. All I needed was my blankets to keep me warm, my books and stuffed animals to keep my company, and my imagination to keep me sane.

Happy in my own little world means all of those years I pretended my room was my apartment, and my family were my neighbors. Eating goldfish as my dinner and smiling about nothing.

Happy in my own little world means all of those years I lived inside of books, films and video games. Where fictional characters were my best friends and fantasy lands were my home. Where I didn't care if it didn't seem real to other people, because it was real for me.

Happy in my own little world means all of those years I was physically sitting in class, but every other part of me was somewhere else. I didn't care if my classmates didn't include me, I was always much happier just being myself.

Happy in my own world means all of those years I spent my Saturday nights sleeping over at my grandmas house watching SNL with her and eating my weight in hot cheetos.

Happy in my own little world means all of those years my boyfriend and I spent together, forgetting everyone else was in the room.

Happy in my own little world means all of those years I spent wearing what I wanted to wear because it made me joyful and reflected who I am.

Happy in my own little world means all of those years I spent getting joy from the littlest things: like sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate or holding hands with my love at the park on a nice summer day.

Happy in my own little world means so much more than just those phrases.

Happy in my own world simply means I live in my own world. I am free to be myself. I don't have many friends. I don't care what others may think of me. I don't grow up. I don't change for anyone. And that's the way I like it.

These are things that are apart of me forever. These are things that I do in the past, present and future. This is me and I'm happy in my own little world.


I've been thinking about change a lot lately: what is it, why does it happen, what does it mean? And after going through a lot of change lately, I've came to a conclusion. 

It seems to me that change is a thing that refers to your circumstances. To where you have to go and what you have to do. Sometimes you have to adapt to it. And change makes life more interesting. 

But I don't think change is something that happens to people. I really don't think people change, I think they become more of who they truly are. The truest parts of yourself are seen in the parts that never change. 

My whole entire life I've been the same person on the inside. With the same likes and dislikes, the same quirks and personality traits, the same hopes and dreams. All of the millions of things that make me ME, are still in existence. 

When people say "So and so changed so much!" They are usually referring to what they perceive . Just because someone isn't constantly living their life trying to please you doesn't mean they changed. Just because they lost weight doesn't mean they changed. 

As long as you stay true to yourself, you won't change. Sure, you might've had that weird emo stage, or maybe one time you wore abercrombie to sit with the cool kids, but that doesn't change what you know about WHO YOU ARE.

I really don't know where I'm going with this. I just felt I needed to let my feelings out on this subject. 

New York City

I went to New York for the first time this past weekend to audition for college and everything felt right. Even though I've never been there before, I felt like a true New Yorker. I simply adore the hustle and bustle of the whole city. My favorite part about NY is how although the city never sleeps and can be quite overwhelming at times, you can just go inside of your little apartment and it's just as cozy as home.

The part of the trip that really made me smile was Central Park. I mean, although it was a pretty cold day, I saw the beauty in it. I imagined myself on a beautiful summer evening sitting in the park...and I fell in love.

NY isn't what you think it is, though. It's not this stereotypical beautiful place where dreams come true. You have to be willing to work hard to live there. Times square was actually my least favorite part of New York because of the tourists, the crowd, and the superficiality. When I tell people I'm moving to New York they always say its 1) expensive and 2) unsafe.

It's not expensive. At all, really. Just like anywhere else, you have to know where to find the deals. Sure, some things are a bit more expensive there. For example, a burrito bowl at chipotle in NY is about a dollar more than it is in Ohio. But minimum wage is also more in NY. If you're on madison avenue or broadway, you will find expensive places because a lot of wealthy people do live there. But I went to a really nice diner Sunday morning, and my boyfriend got a veggie omelet with potatoes and toast for 7 dollars. That's pretty normal for a diner. New York isn't cheap, but it's not only for extremely wealthy people. You just gotta know how to play your cards right.

In terms of's extremely safe! You just gotta know where you're going. I wouldn't recommend walking around Harlem alone at 2 AM, but most parts of the city are really safe. Just don't act like a tourist, don't be too friendly, and don't go places you're not sure about without other people.

Regardless, it's a big city. I really loved how when walking the streets, everyones doing their own thing. Everyone has a place to be. And they don't care who you are or what you're wearing or where you're coming from. They have to worry about themselves. New York isn't for everyone, and before romanticizing it or putting it down, I would recommend visiting. Although it's the set of thousands of movies, you see it on the news constantly, and it has quite a reputation - it still remains one of those places that you can't judge until you go there.

I am really excited to live here. I don't know what the future holds, but I am looking forward to it.