YOUNG MONEY: Nicki, Wayne & Drake / 10 Best Collabs

In honor of the 'Only' music video coming out in a few hours, 'The Pink Print' coming out in a few days, and 'Tha Carter V' being delayed...I felt this post was appropriate. There are a lot of rap and hip hop legends, and we could all argue who they are. However, Nicki, Wayne & Drake are up there. Here are their ten best collabs together.

Best I Ever Had (Remix): Nicki & Drake - Although this version of the song was never officially released, it's one of my favorite Nicki verses. Any song with both Drake and Nicki is always good, but this song is such a classic bop and Nicki just makes it slay harder. I love when Nicki gets all cute barbie and actually sings. And then she sings Drakes part from a female perspective. Gosh Nicki, you're so cute. Listen to it here.

High School: Nicki & Wayne - Nicki and Wayne's compatibility has always been A+. I mean, he basically discovered her. In the video, you can see their compatibility and honestly, they both look so beautiful. The song itself is an absolute JAM and literally has been stuck in my head for days. Me and my crew we could slide throuuugh...

Only: Nicki & Wayne & Drake (And Chris Brown) - HONORABLE MENTION, yes. The first few seconds of the song, you know it's about to go down. Nicki goes too hard...but in the best way. The epitome of the nail emoji. (Fuck with them real $%^^&@%/ who don't tell !#$%^& what they up to) Drake is too real here. "But I was still staring at those @#$@#$ thougghhhhh!" Okay. Now. Wayne literally makes me melt in this song. Probably one of my favorite Wayne verses to be honest. Effortlessly slaying while still saying so relaxed. Only is a HIP HOP ANTHEM.

Knockout: Nicki & Wayne - Okay, what even is this song? It's like a grungy, middle-school-esque rock song. With Nicki and Wayne in it? Whatever, I love it. You think Hilary Duff is about to sing or something then all the sudden you hear "hey barbie!" Not complaining. He can get that knockout.

EveryGirl in the World: Wayne & Drake - When I first heard this song, I fell in love with it. It's ridiculous. But lessssbeehonest only Wayne and Drake could pull it off. "And I don't think you're beautiful, I think you're beyond it." ICONIC LYRIC, am I right? There's actually a video of Andrew and I rapping/dancing to this in 7th grade. Basically, this is a timeless rap song.

Make Me Proud: Nicki & Drake - Damn. Drizzy and Onika are at it again. Why do they gotta do this to me? Although I know they never had a romantic relationship (or so they say), they do consider each other family. SO THIS IS SO REAL. Plus they both rap and sing here. "You bad as !@#$ and you know you are. I'm so, I'm so, I'm so, I'm so, I'm so proud of you." GUYS, stop. Y'all are killing me. The best part is Drake is acting so sentimental and sweet towards Nicki and she's just like "Yeah, I know."

Romans Revenge: Nicki & Wayne - Romans Revenge is one of the BEST Nicki songs because she incorporates her accents and "alter egos." She goes crazy and I LOVE Nicki when she just loses it. Normally, Eminem is featured on this song. And it's not's just a bit too angry and intense. I feel like Wayne's has so much more passion and character to it which perfectly compliments Nicki in this song. RAH RAAAAH *faints*

Successful: Wayne & Drake - This song is the anthem of us strugglers and hustlers dreaming of the money, the cars, the clothes, and the hoes, I suppose? (he says it like that. "I suppose....?") Let's just say this is an inspiring one for us American dreamers. It's always gonna be a classic.

Truffle Butter: Nicki & Wayne & Drake - Should I be talking about this considering it leaked? Well, I'm going to anyways. At this point, if these three are in a song together, I know it's gonna be A+. Even if they don't even try. It's not on all versions of 'The Pink Print,' but it should be. Because who really cares about Ariana Grande at this point? More young money, please. Oops.

The Motto: Wayne & Drake - Yes, the song where Drake coined the term "YOLO." I remember listening to this on late night drives home and just thinking "This is real." It really is a listening-to-in-the-car song, isn't it? You don't need to invest your entire mind, body and soul into this song while listening because it really is that chill.