B.A.R.E. Soaps / A Workshop with Le Pain Quotidien

B.A.R.E. Soaps and Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ)  hosted a workshop called "Bubbles & Soap Making" on Wednesday, December 3rd at the Union Square location.

It was full of delicious treats provided by LPQ: from tartines, sparkling wine + lemonade, to espresso walnut brûlée and brownie bites. Although the event itself was quite glamorous; I got a lot from it.

What is B.A.R.E. Soaps? What makes it so different from any other soap, or product? I was surprised at how passionate the creators, Clare and Jessie, were about their product. They were clearly well educated on the process of soap making and made sure every bar was made with love and purpose. B.A.R.E actually stands for bringing antiseptic resources to everyone.

While talking to them throughout the night, I realized this: B.A.R.E. soaps isn't about making profit. Did you know that 20% of the proceeds from each individual purchase goes to those in need (in places such as Uganda): providing them vitamins, vaccines, soaps - and teaching them a trade.

On their instagram they stated, "The Ugandan culture is very hands on. Food is eaten with hands and children play with their hands. That's why sanitation is so important."

Sanitation IS important, no matter where you come from. It's apart of health. And even for us lucky ones who have easy access to soap, we may not realize what that soap is really made of! B.A.R.E. soap is made of all natural ingredients: ALL vegan oils: olive oil, soy oil, palm oil and coconut oil. Depending on the soap you get: it will be filled with ingredients such as grapefruit oil, coffee grounds, rose clay, sea salt, etc. Regardless, it's all natural. Believe me! I got to actually make my own soaps at the event.

Soap isn't exactly a complicated process, however - you need to really pay attention to it and tend to each soap. It takes time to make. I wouldn't consider myself a soap expert. However, I know how to make soap now thanks to the awesome ladies at B.A.R.E. soaps with the help of LPQ!

It really means a lot to me when a company has a mission full of intense passion and dedication and that's what Clare and Jessie at B.A.R.E. soaps have. They make an honest, natural product that helps those in need. And they love what they do. Could it get any better than that? When you purchase a soap from B.A.R.E. soaps, you're not just purchasing soap. You're purchasing soap that smells heavenly and makes your skin feel amazing. And most importantly, you're helping out those in need.

The holiday season is here and B.A.R.E. soaps is the perfect yet affordable gift for your loved ones. To purchase soap and find out more about what they stand for, click here.

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