The World & I

I wouldn't call myself a city girl or a country girl. Or a suburban girl, or a southern girl, or a girl that craves foreign lands. I'm not a girl that needs to be in a place by the ocean and the sand, but I'm also not a girl that needs all four seasons to keep me sane.

However, I love the Earth and all that it has to offer. Some people need the sound of the waves and the heat of the sun to keep them satisfied. Others need the rush of the city and subways and skyscrapers to keep them going.

However, I appreciate Earth in all of its form. The hectic cities filled with opportunity, the unknown history of every land, the trees and plains, the stillness of suburbia, every season and it's infinite beauty, the crashing waves of the ocean, the rawness of a farm, the mystery of a forest, the uniqueness of each snowflake, each place, each individual. The sun and the sky and its ever-changing colors, the clouds that resemble cotton candy. The moon, the vulnerable and gentle moon. The stars and the beyond. The grass and the flowers and the bridges and the buildings.

I love all of it. And why should I have to settle for one? I always have to travel, and go back home, and travel again. I will travel and then I'll start to feel nostalgic about a place I used to go. So I'll go back. Then I'll go somewhere new, and start to feel nostalgic about another place.

But I can always go back, and that's beautiful.

We live on Earth. We don't live in towns. Maybe you'll find home can be with you wherever you go.

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