The River starring Hugh Jackman: An Idyllic Masterpiece

Last night at 6:30 PM, Hugh Jackman, Laura Donnelly and Cush Jumbo took on the stage at Circle in the Square Theatre for opening night of The River.

A quite puzzling play -  full of raw emotion, symbolism hidden in every word, and an intimate setting. Hugh Jackman draws you in with every word. The setting was so intimate it made you feel like you were one of Hugh Jackman's girlfriends, or perhaps his uncle, in the cabin with him, fishing by the river. The theatre is quite small, so you can't get away with whispering to the person next to you or your phone vibrating. (do everyone a favor and turn it off!)

Although there are a bunch of mixed reviews, there's one thing I know for sure: the actual storyline of the play not be for everyone, but Hugh Jackmans undeniable charm and authenticity makes it worth the trip.

The New York Post states, "If The River was playing some dinky little theater with a bunch of unknowns, it’d be dismissed as flimsy and gimmicky. But The River is on Broadway, starring the ultra-likable, ultra-bankable Hugh Jackman. Which means it’s attracting both scrutiny and expectations." 

Nowadays, broadway is known for taking celebrities and casting them in shows solely to make money. However, I think we are forgetting that Jackman isn't just a celebrity. He's been doing theatre his entire life - most notable roles being Curly in Oklahoma and Valjean in Les Miserables. Jackman is a dedicated, soulful performer. The River is an idyllic yet rustic masterpiece, capturing the cabin setting well.

The story follows The Man, The Woman, and The Other Woman. (those are how the characters are actually listed in the playbill, so don't feel bad if you don't know their names when the show is ending.) That's really all I can give away without spoiling anything.

Many notable guests were in attendance, such as Anna Wintour, Jerry Seinfeld, Sally Field, and Ivanka Trump. (see right)

Tickets range from $35 to $175 dollars. Just a tip: there's no such thing as a "bad seat." The theatre is small and you can see fine from where ever you are.

To find our more about The River, click here.

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