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I never wanted to be better than my friends
I just wanted to prove wrong the people in my head
The ones who told me I'd be better off dead
The ones who told me that I would never win 

When I delivered newspapers they said I was too slow
When I was a barista they said I made lousy foam
When I worked in retail they said I was a slob
Much too dumb for school and much too lazy for a job 

So I rode my bike like lightning
And I made cappucinos that would make the angels sing
Took two showers a day and I dressed up like a princess
Shook my fist in my own face and said "i'll show you who's the best" 

I wrote the kinds of papers teachers hang up on their walls
I was employee of the month in seven different shopping malls
And one time, playing football, I pulled the tendons in my leg
To prove that I was tough I hopped on one foot
And finished up the game 

I thought if I succeeded I'd be happy and they'd go away
But first thing every morning I'd still wake up and I'd hear them say
"you're fat, ugly and stupid, you should really be ashamed
No-one will ever like you, you're no good at anything" 
'The Competition' by Kimya Dawson is a song that will always be close to my heart. I discovered it in my sophomore year in high school. It's about the concept of never being good enough or feeling not worth it. It's about people pushing you down, telling you that you CAN'T, tell you to not be you. Sophomore year of high school that was relevant. And it's relevant now. It's randomly been relevant at a lot of times in my life. It's like no matter how hard I try, it's not good enough for people. People always have something to complain about. It's like they don't care that they may be actually hurting someone. I've never really let such mundane things affect me...but bottles up. I suppose I'm getting awfully personal and sappy on my blog today?

Well, guys. I'm here to talk about how 99% of us have to go through these two lovely yet terrible things: jobs and school. And how teachers, bosses, and peers will constantly tell us: "Redo this paper, your thesis sucks. Redo it again. This latte has terrible foam, remake it. You failed the class. You're fired. You're not good enough. You're not cut for the job. You're not fast enough. You need to smile more. THIS is how you do it, not like that. CAN YOU PLEASE DO THIS? You did it wrong. What's your problem? That's not how you fold clothes. I don't know why you did that. How dumb."
Maybe those are things you've heard before at job/school. Whether you take your job or schooling seriously or not, it's aggravating. I consider myself a strong person. I don't let peoples little trivial comments get to me. However, it's an inconvenience. 

Note to myself and others out there: Life isn't about pleasing others and you are okay just the way you are. If people criticize you about little pointless things, let it go. Ignore it. Don't let it get to you. And if they start to bother you, tell them. Live your life the way you want because you deserve happiness and deserve to choose how you live. We are individuals and deserve to be treated like that. Not like slaves.

I really love Kimya Dawson. All of her music resonates within me with its tones of simplicity and escaping from the generalized life of stereotypes and taxes. She talks of traveling and positive vibes during hard times. It's very uplifting and her music has a lightheartedness to it. Thank you Kimya. 

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