My Somewhat Realistic Christmas List for My Mom and Others but Mostly My Mom

DISCLAIMER: These are just suggestions for my Christmas list and are in no way, shape or form necessary. It's meant for you to get ideas, however, I still like surprises and hate the whole idea of Christmas being about giving out a Christmas list and then getting exactly what you want. I mean, those getting you gifts should already have some sort of idea what to get you and use their creativity. This is just here as a fun seasonal blogpost. (in other words: for you, Mom.) But also so my readers can get to know me better and buy me overpriced gaming systems.

1. Elderflower rose lemonade (found in the "cool drink" section at your local Whole foods)
2. Super smash bros for the WiiU
3. A WiiU (Unrealistic but maybe if you trade in the Wii and go to GameStop on black friday it might just work.)
4. Anything from Target. Literally. (especially the dollar section)
5. Cheap champagne (the one that's 7-8 dollars at Giant Eagle)
6. Sweaters (I wear sweaters every season, so, might be a good investment.) I love the LC Collection at Kohls, and H&M has awesome sweaters too.
7. Cozy, long, experimental socks
8. Pokemon X or Y for the Nintendo 3DS (I'm late on it, but I want it anyways)
9. Anything Winnie the Pooh related. Actually, anything Disney related. Hot Topic has a great selection of Disney themed items! (As embarrassing as it is to admit) My favorites, you ask? How kind of you! Peter Pan, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. However, an all-expense paid trip to Disney works too.
10. Anything Harry Potter related...literally. Hot Topic has a great selection of Harry Potter items as well.
11. Gift cards to places such as: Chipotle, Whole Foods, Cinemark, Wendys, Target, or Walgreens.
12. Things that you know I would personally find cute and awesome in regards to our personal relationship.
13. Gummy vitamins (preferably the princess kind)
14. Little trinkets, seasonal items, themed things, cheap things, etc. I am a sucker for little cute things, you know? Hard to explain. Basically, just the things that are between $1-$10 dollars and float around near the cash register or dollar section of all stores. The little things in life are the best. Plus, opening more gifts is always more exciting. ;)
 15. Two tickets to Taylor Swift's concert at the Q arena in Cleveland. (this is really unrealistic because they are basically already sold out and I don't want to go THAT bad. But hey, maybe you know a guy.)
16. Snack food. Because you know what kind of snack food I like and it's cheap. Goldfish, flamin' hot everything, etc...
17. For you to cancel my winter break dentist appointment and postpone it to December 30, 2025.
18. Stationary. I love stamps, letters, sticky notes, envelopes, pens, cards...and maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive one.
19. Headbands with non-flashy bows on them.
20. Anything from Bath and Body Works or Barnes and Noble is fair game.

But most importantly, be creative and surprise me. You know me enough. ;)

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