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When I think of my childhood, I think of a lot of things: eating swiss cheese sandwiches in the school cafeteria, picking crabapple trees with my brother, and watching Winnie the Pooh with my grumpy bear and a bag of goldfish. Those are just a few. Yet there's another thing that was a huge part of my childhood: video games. From playing Pokemon on my gameboy color, to playing Crash Bandicoot on my PS1, to Call of Duty on my Xbox 360. There's a lot of memories associated with certain games and no matter how many new games come out, we always hold certain ones so close to our hearts.

I decided to interview ten people with these two questions: 1) What is your all time favorite childhood video game? 2) After all this time, why does this game remain so special to you? 

The answers were all quite different, which I found very intriguing. Nonetheless, everyone still has a special place in their heart for childhood video games.

I remember playing Black Ops at 2 am with some of my friends. I remember playing Rugrats with my cousins and neighbors. I remember playing Runescape in 4th grade. I remember playing Runescape two days ago. I remember playing Pokemon on my gameboy color. (Yellow was my first.) I remember playing Animal Crossing with my boyfriend. I remember playing Sly Cooper. Grand Theft Auto. Halo. Every Super Mario game. Spyro. Crash Bandicoot. All of the hilariously terrible Harry Potter games...and so much more. And you know what? When I think of these games, my heart melts and I start to feel all nostalgic.

Video game culture is something I'm more than proud to be apart of. From childhood into adulthood, I know video games will always be an important part of my life. Sure, I'm busy and I'm not going to let it get it in the way of living, but I will always make time to sit down and get gaming. (And I'm looking forward to the future of video games!)

Gamers out there: male and female, young and old, this or that: never let anyone make you feel bad for being a gamer. Some people just assume gamers are "depressed" or "anxious" when in reality, we just appreciate a good game! Video games are AWESOME. Now check out what these awesome gamers had to say about their all time favorite childhood video game and why it means so much to them. Feel free to check them out by clicking the link on their name. Happy gaming, everybody!

Sujel Hasbun: My favorite game of all time has to be the Megaman X but the entire series is everything to me. The game remains special to me because it went with my from every console, I had it with NES to Super Nintendo all the way to Playstation and now on my handhelds. Megaman is that character the consumed my doodles and sketchbooks.

Billy Muscatello: Crash Bandicoot. Because it was a really great part of my childhood; I remember always playing it. I also search if it will ever come back, which it might! I will always love the game and the characters.

Albyn:  Albion. The reason I remember it is because the game is separated into two views. One of them is the general top view and the second one is the first person view. To this view the game switches in dungeons. Playing it as a child made me scared of all the monsters and excited because of the running away from them. It seemed so real at that time. This is the reasons why I remember it, but the reason I like it is because of the story. It's like reading a book almost. You can go through the story and just finish the game, but then you'll miss all the interesting parts where the characters talk about the history of the world. And the world they created there is awesome. Plus there's a big twist at the end, which is something I enjoy in book/movies/games.

Thomas Fogg: Hm...I'd have to say Halo. It started the entire FPS genre. It was one of the first really good sci-fi games and helped create an empire. And of course I still have memories from when my friends would come over and we'd play on a little screen for hours at a time.

Allens Game Show: My favorite all time childhood video game is Double Dragon 2: The Revenge. It was difficult because there were so many other games like punch out, Mario, and even Contra, but this game started the whole shabanga bang. It's something about 2 siblings running the streets of downtown New York? and knocking out thugs and their bosses. As a young boy, I used to play fight a lot and once I got my hands on Double Dragon 2, it amplified my desire to play fight! The game itself sticks with you, the fighting, 2-D graphics, and even the story attracted me .Anything having to do with your childhood is unique, and you hold dear to you. Especially a system like Nintendo and the numerous games it brought kids during the late 80's early 90's. I recall many things as a kid, my favorite t.v. show Monster Ranchers came on at 5:30am before school started. After school Foxkids had its line up of amazing toons (like Batman: the animated series) which still kicks ass to this day. Double Dragon 2 fits in with this list of never forgotten memories because it is my childhood.

Roberto Morales: My all time favorite video game was and is Super Mario Bros 3 on snes. It was originally on nes and repackaged and sold as part of Super Mario All-Stars on snes, what i played it on. I was five years old and my aunts got it for Christmas. I was so jealous, they got to play it all day. I felt so awesome when i finally had a chance to play,i was the first to discover the warp whistle!! We would play the game for hours and hours with lots of it filled with anger,and frustration but ultimately happiness and a huge sense of accomplishment (That Treasure ship was the worst!!). Every once in a while i get to play it and I'm able to escape the stresses and responsibilities that is adulthood. SUPER MARIO BROS 3 FO LAIFF!!!

Victor Le: Kingdom Hearts. This game is special to me because it's Final Fantasy and Disney in the same game. Great storyline and amazing characters from both franchises. 

Drew Young: It's extremely hard for me to narrow down my choices of favorites games into one singular all time favorite! I mean there are so many that I love so I'm going to go with a three-way-tie between Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time, Kingdom Hearts, and Pokemon Silver. OoT is literally considered by critics the actual greatest game ever created and it's true. it was completely new of it's time and no game has ever come quite like it! it was originally for the Nintendo 64 and I remember playing it when I was around 7 or 8 with my brother and sister. it's a true adventure built with a beautiful landscape of Hyrule and packed with dungeons that are like puzzles you must figure out and of course plenty of bosses and monsters to defeat! it just leaves me with a real sense of nostalgia and I'll never forget it. in fact I've never ACTUALLY beaten the game, that's how extensive and amazing it is (in fact I want to get the Nintendo 3DS remake soon but that's another story) Kingdom Hearts. truly such an astounding video game! it's made by the same company that produces the Final Fantasy and focuses on Sora as he travels the universe of many Disney themed worlds to find his best friend Kairi. the synopsis makes it seem like a childish game but it's story is very deep and beautiful to experience, while the gameplay is challenging and the battles are so satisfied. I'll admit the ending of the game left me in tears.. just trust me. it's fantastic. Pokemon.. literally not much to explain here! I mean it's Pokemon!! the sense of creating your own Pokemon team and going on an adventure all your own? it's great! I chose Silver because they have the best Pokemon to choose from, it's story is the best and you can go back to Kanto after you beat the Elite Four and keep the adventure going! it was also the first Pokemon game I beat, so it has a soft spot.

Mufsin Mahbub: My favorite video game was Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis. This game has been special to me because I grew up playing this game as a kid. It was one of the first games that my father brought for me on my first ever console. I played that game with friends and family, which brought me joy every time I played with them. To this day, this game had a special place in my heart as a part of my childhood.

Mansu Edwards: Street Fighter 2. I remember waiting on line to play it in the arcade. People placing their quarter near the start button saying "they got next". The graphics were amazing and the challengers from different countries who had super moves that could wipe you out. And in this version you can select the bosses: Vega, M. Bison and Sagat. When it was available on SNES I was totally obsessed with it. I mean I played for hours either alone, with friends or against the computer. I could have used that time for goal setting or starting a business, but Street Fighter 2 had my mind, body and soul.

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