Broadway for the Broke: How to NEVER Pay Full Price

1. Theatre Development Funds TKT Booth: Located in the heart of times square, the TKT booth is sure to give you same-day tickets for an affordable price. You can see your favorite broadway and off-broadway shows for up to 50% off! From Les Miserables, to Cinderella, to Kinky Boots: the wait in line is never unbearable and they offer great seating options. Find out more here.
2. Student Rush Tickets: Are you a college student? Most theaters have student rush tickets available and reserve some for each performance. The best part is if you’re looking to find out about how to get student rush tickets for a specific show, you just have to call the theater and ask for the specific information you're looking for. Some current shows, like It’s Only a Play, offer student rush tickets for each performance first come first serve starting at the beginning of the day. However, some shows such as Cabaret, offer tickets a half an hour before the show. Just call beforehand to find out!
3. Looking out for special promotions: Broadway and off-broadway will occasionally offer special promotions. For example, two tickets for the price of one. Some theaters even will offer low ticket prices via social media! It’s good to keep your eyes open for all of this via social media, theater websites (such as Broadway World or Stagebuddy!), and so on.
4. Standing room tickets: Believe it or not, not every show sells out nightly. Regardless if you're a student or not, some theaters offer standing room tickets. Come sometime between an hour to 20 minutes before a show starts and wait. If they still have seats left, you can get it for way cheaper than the initial price.
5. The lottery: Unfortunately, there are a lot of shows that either offer a limited engagement or draw thousands on a weekly basis no matter what time of the year it is. (...Wicked.) Therefore, they don't offer a lot of promotions regarding tickets, but they do have lottery tickets. This simply means the day you want to see the show, you come earlier and put your name in the lottery for up to X amount of tickets. (Usually up to 2) If you win, you can get tickets for as low as 20 dollars a piece.
6. Searching the internet: As silly as it sounds, it comes in handy. Before purchasing broadway or off-broadway tickets, do your research. Very rarely should you ever have to pay full price for tickets. Different retailers, websites, and theaters all sell tickets for different prices. And you never know if there's a special promotion going on. You just never wanna spend $150 dollars on a pair of tickets that could've easily been $75, so always check for deals!
Those are the main ways to always get cheaper tickets. Important factors: Day of the week, time of year, cast, show, etc. You're more likely to win the lottery, get standing room tickets, or even get cheaper tickets based upon these factors. For example, you have to keep in mind when you'll be in New York: is it popular tourist time? And you have to keep in mind who is apart of the cast of the show you'll be seeing. Is a well-liked celebrity taking over, and are they new? You really have to think about this. If you go see a show on a Tuesday night, you're more likely to pay less than you would on a Saturday night.
With all of this in mind, you should never miss a show you want to see. And most importantly - you'll never have to pay full price to see it.

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