Apartment Hunting

I'm looking for an apartment. That on it's own is stressful and complicated. Yet by adding the three words "in New York" at the end of that sentence adds a whole other level of stress and complication.

As much as I love traveling & working & going out & coming & going...
home is necessary for me.

At the end of each night, I need a bed with a never-ending cocoon of fleece blankets and a comforter that brings out the color of the walls. The walls covered with photographs and art of my choosing. The pantry filled with baking supplies, matching tupperware, and crushed red pepper. And the fridge filled with vanilla soy milk, apple juice, and hot sauce.

A place we can call our own,
because that's what keeps us sane.

(Hey, real estate agents out there! I'm looking for a studio or 1/br apartment. 1,350/month is my limit for now. Contact me.)

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