The Tea Experiment / #4

When it comes to bottled teas, I’m not really into the whole “ginger green tea with antioxidants and kale extract.” Yet at the same time, I’m not into the whole tea flavoring with aspartame thing either. That’s why I love Honest Tea. 

It’s the perfect balance of good taste and healthy. The tea is fair trade, they use REAL tea leaves to brew it, filtered water, organic sugar and juices. My favorite tea by them is the raspberry tea, and it only has 25 grams of sugar. Compared to other iced teas, this is next to nothing. (Not to mention a good soda alternative!) 

I’ve been drinking honest tea and ade for a few years now, and they haven’t produced a drink I haven’t liked. They’re honest. They aren’t trying to glamorize their product or brag about how healthy they are. They say, “Hey. We’re not going to make you lose weight overnight, nor are we covering up bad chemicals with ‘artificial flavoring.’ But we’re real.” I love the Snapple raspberry tea (diet and regular) but it doesn’t taste 100% real. It’s a bit too sweet. And quite frankly, it makes me feel sick sometimes. I’m not one to turn down a good iced tea, but if I see it has more sugar than a can of coke, count me out. 

The Honest raspberry tea tastes good with anything from fast food to salad. It’s good at night and in the morning. I’m so happy
I decided to try it because it’s my go-to drink now.

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