October is Here

It's October, finally! I always express my love for all of the seasons and holidays here, but October is one of my favorite months. Why? There's a lot of reasons why. Let me explain.

1. It's the best month for art. Films, TV shows, books, music, theatre, video games, festivals...this is the month that kickstarts the release of our favorite masterpieces. Our favorite TV shows finally start airing once a week and Netflix finally releases the last season of TV shows we are always behind on. Authors are releasing books, musicians are releasing albums, and the media can't shut up about it. Late summer through early winter is a beautiful time for art. I love listening to new albums on spotify or spending a rainy evening at the movies and then forming an opinion on it. Ahhhh, yes. The most wonderful time of the year.

2. The fashion. I mean, it's not too cold or too hot. Quite frankly, it has it's ups and downs. And it may be different for you depending on where you live. In the winter and summer, I feel myself too focused on dressing for the temperature, yet in the fall, I get to bend that rule a bit.

3. Seasonal items. 95% of places participate in this. Your favorite coffee shop will have a pumpkin spice latte, there will be costumes, candy and decorations at your local Target, Bath and Body works will have apple cider candles, and your favorite restaurant might specialize in a harvest soup or butternut squash ravioli. No matter what it is - it's exciting if you're enthusiastic about the holidays or change of seasons! Some places only sell certain things in the fall, and it's best to enjoy it when you can. It also makes my mood a bit better to really immerse myself in the season!

4. The beauty. Every season is beautiful in it's own way. I mean, hey, life is beautiful, right? But there's something special about October. The scent of the air, the colors of the leaves, the nostalgic coolness of the evenings. To take a walk in the woods in mid-October is one of the most freeing things one could do. October makes me feel warm inside. It's beautiful.

5. The coziness. I love to get cozy during every season, but I love October because once it starts, a little part of me inside jumps up and down knowing I get to wear sweaters and jackets for months. October is the beginning of hot chocolate, maroon sweaters and heaps of blankets.

6. The expressiveness, the inspiration, the happiness. This isn't exclusive to October. However, I will say this: October makes me realize so much. I become one with myself again. I get situated again. I get back on the right track again. October always does that for me. I feel ready to create, to live, and to love. It has a light, acoustic, raw feeling to it. Feelings of bittersweet nostalgia overtake me. I come alive and my soul comes alive. October always reminds me I am free to be who I am. The change of seasons is always so refreshing to me, but Autumn will always have a special place in my heart.

My love for October is now clear. Tune into pinkchanelsuit through October to see my reviews on the latest releases, my experiences, and adventures! So excited and happy I get to experience Autumn again.

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