New York Comic Con 2014: Thursday

I had the chance to attend New York Comic Con on Thursday, October 9th with my boyfriend Andrew. I didn't really know what to expect from this specific con, however, I have attended conventions before.

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed my time immensely, however, there's a few things I'd like to say.

After we got off the subway and started walking towards 37th and 11th, there were already volunteers pointing where to go. This seemed weird to me considering there's really no certain way to go, but I assumed they knew what they were talking about and that NYCC had a set of lines and entrances for everybody. This is not what happened. It took us at least an hour and a half to just get inside the building. They directed us around the building, only for us to loop around again. What? Finally, when we got to the entrance, they were just letting anyone in. It was very disorganized in that sense. And yeah, that happens at conventions, especially considering so many people were at NYCC. Yet I missed the only panel I was really dying to go to (Tomorrowland) because they delayed our entrance so much. Speaking of Tomorrowland, we did arrive 15 minutes before the panel started, yet it was too late because it filled up too fast. This happened SEVERAL times to hundreds of people, which really sucks because some people spend thousands of dollars to go to conventions and it's unfortunate they miss panels due to not waiting in line four hours in advance. The crowds were a lot, I gotta admit. But it wasn't too bad. 

Andrew and I voicing the chocolate scene in Spongebob
My all time favorite part was the lounge / video game area. It was right by the retailers, yet less hectic. You could sample games such as Resident Evil, Pacman and Just Dance 2015. People were sitting down and relaxing. It was nice. A group of four would choose a song from Just Dance and do it in front of a small group of people. Andrew and I chose 4x4 by Miley Cyrus, which was literally so funny because we had to do an intense dance with two random people. We also got to voice a scene from Spongebob which was a great opportunity! (pictured left) The people at the booths were really nice. They were always there to answer questions, let you try out their product, play games, and give out freebies. Medieval Times was there giving out tickets, t shirts, etc! This was the best part because it welcomed you. The booths and experiences you have at them are always a memorable one.

Normally, at conventions, there are celebrities walking around. You can get autographs and pictures without spending 70 dollars. I mean, what? There's a coziness about conventions. A warmness, really. New York Comic Con was REALLY fun, and I enjoyed my time. It just didn't seem like a true convention to me. I felt more stressed out than homey. You rarely ever saw the same person twice, NYCC itself didn't give out any freebies, and it really seemed like it was based off of money instead of passion for nerd culture.

Mac and Cheese truck outside of NYCC
If you are planning on attending NYCC or really any con in the future, here are some tips: Bring your own bag! Usually cons provide bags for you, filled with goodies and promotional materials. However, NYCC did not provide this! So carrying around things all day was an inconvenience. I also recommend packing your own food and drink. Do not spend five dollars on a bottle of coke or ten dollars on a small french fry. Do not wait in line for 30 minutes. Bring your own food. It saves time and money. (or you could spend 9 dollars on mac and cheese like me. Amazing taste. Expensive.) If you are in town while a convention is going on, it's not that much money to stop by for a day. However, if you are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to a convention make sure you know what you're getting into and make sure you get your moneys worth. 

NYCC? I'm really happy I went. It was a great experience, yet Leakycon forever holds a special place in my heart. NYCC is like New York. Crowded, busy, every man for himself. Yet if you really look, you'll find something that will make you happy. Just find out where everything is, get there on time, and know what you want. In reality, when it comes to any convention, there's so much to take in and so much to do yet so little time! With that in mind, live every convention to the fullest. Go to events, talk to people, take pictures! And ALWAYS have fun. 

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