Day 7 x OMG Nail Strips

Tis the season for spooky cookies and dark, passionate colors. Oh, and burnt, infected hands? (212 degree water. Ouch.)

The seasons changing are a great opportunity to be festive and expressive through your style. Ladies, that includes your nails. Yes, even if you hate doing your nails like me.

I got the chance to try out OMG nail strips. I tried nail strips a few times back in the day and really like them. It depends on how you do it and what brand/type you get. However I usually find them falling off quickly, either by accident or because you can't keep your fingers off of them.

I found them looking fake really fast, and the size strip they give you are 3 times larger than the average nail. I have abnormally small hands so it was even worse for me. They are fun to try and it might work out for you but you must keep in mind they are basically stickers. And stickers and nails aren't always so compatible. Nail polish might just be the best way to go, guys. Speaking of nails, there are so many cute fall themed manicures out there!

Whether you want to just be simple with a nice shade of maroon, mustard or orange - or perhaps you want to go full out and do something halloween themed.

Stay cozy and cute.

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