Day 4 x Coney Island & Age

Yesterday, I went to Coney Island. All October they've been throwing a huge halloween harvest event. It was really cute - haybales, pumpkins, costumes galore. Yet little did I know, it was only for kids. I've been to a lot of halloween events that are only for kids! The world just expects once you turn 18 all you care about it clubbing and partying but that is not the case.

I'm not complaining or anything, I just wanted to speak about age. One of my #1 beliefs is that age is just a number. I think the world assumes too many things based on ho
w old you are. "Oh, you're a lot older, so you're not allowed to decorate pumpkins or go trick-or-treating or go on hayrides or take pictures with costumed characters etc." I think this is false! No matter what age you are, you are allowed to enjoy not only the holidays, but everyday. Whatever way you want.

Have a beautiful halloween doing what makes you happy.

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