Day 11 x The House of Death

Today, I visited the "house of death" located on 14 West 10th Street in NYC. It is rumored to be the home of 22 ghosts, that tend to visit there quite often - Mark Twain being one of them. Tenants of this building mysteriously died, and there has been an overwhelming amount of deaths, suicides, and suspicious activity going on in the building for centuries.

It was interesting walking past it considering it was so quiet. There were no tourists. There wasn't anyone checking it out. There wasn't people walking in and out of it - it was just there. I gotta admit, it was eerie. Everything was locked up and decaying. I took a peek inside and the lights looked like they came out of a cheap 1920s motel. Many people who have lived in this building have reported that they have seen ghosts. Interesting.

October is always a fun time to ponder the mysteries of life and death and everything in between. It's always fun to adventure abandoned buildings, haunted houses and ouija boards but just remember that stuff is not a joke and to stay safe.

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