Canyon View

the metal in your heart ticking like a clock
for 14 years and 10 months
the brick colored armed chair 
the gold cross necklace 
the sea green shag carpets
the white leather couch
the mahogany coffee table full of crayons

the landline at 9043 
the bills and the junk mail
the sugar wafers
the snyders potato chips

the lipton red tea with no sugar, just milk
that familiar aroma that scent I can’t describe 
the scent of spaghetti 
and expensive makeup 
and thrift stores
and nightgowns
the scent of leopard print 
and florida
and nautical sweaters
and morning talk shows
and canyon view drives
the scent of home 
of happiness
and everything you gave to me
and everything I give back to you everyday

I hope you’re proud. 

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