4 Unconventional Ways to Relax Other Than Sleeping

Remember human beings need to relax. Leaning on a counter or taking a break from labor work doesn't make you lazy. Procrastinating isn't the worst thing in the world. Find little parts in your day where you can sit down and take a break from all the hassle. Don't settle for anything uncomfortable. Wear clothes that don't leave dents on your skin because they're so tight or the material is so harsh. Bring a jacket if it's cold. Sit at a seat you're comfortable with whether you are at school or at the movie theatre - it's important you can see and you're in a good location. Need glasses but don't wear them all the time? Bring them everywhere so you don't strain your eyes. Drink water. Or tea. Or soda. Whatever, keep yourself hydrated. Sleep in. Drown out the sound. Go outside in nature. Stay inside in bed. Read. Write. Stare. Breathe. Watch. Talk. Or never say a word. Listen. Or ignore. Or do none of that. That's fine.  I mean, just do what makes you relax. Do what makes you comfortable. And don't settle for something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Or maybe not. Relax in your own way.

1. Listen to Alan Rickman reciting poetry. No one has a voice like Alan Rickman. I used to fall asleep to him reciting Shakespearean sonnets, and then when we studied Sonnet 130 in english class, I knew it by heart and everyone was either really impressed or really creeped out. Regardless, it's worth a try. He has the voice of a fallen angel. This is Severus Snape were talking about after all. You can listen here.

2. Go to the library and listen to the background noise. Whether you want to get work done or relax, this is the place to go. The sound of background noises can be really relaxing depending on who you are. The sound of typing, books rubbing against one another, pages turning, people breathing, light whispers and footsteps. This is the place to be. Personally, the sound of typing relaxes me to the point my entire body starts to drop and my head feels like it's floating. A "brain tingle" as they would call it. Or, if you are crazy like me, listen to this at home here.

3. Get the sleep pillow app. I got this many years ago because I was trying to go to sleep but too many people were making noise. I've taken naps to this too. They offer sounds like bonfires, thunderstorms and oceans. I don't use it on a regular basis, mostly just for naps or when I'm trying to cancel out other sounds. It's convenient to have if you have the storage on your phone though!

4. Be cold and do things that make you warm. Turn up the AC or lower the heat. Turn on the fan. Change into shorts. Then immerse yourself in blankets and a hot beverage. The quick change from cold to warm and toasty is one of the most relaxing transitions, and it always makes me fall asleep within seconds.

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