20 The Office Themed Halloween Costumes

There is a holy trinity of NBC comedy that will never be beaten: The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock. While they are all so different, they all never fail to make me laugh. One of my favorite things about those TV shows that never fail to make me laugh? Seasonal episodes. The Halloween episode of any show is always a great one. Let me show you some awesome costumes from The Office. Maybe you'll find some costume inspiration. Maybe you'll remember how The Office is the best show of all time and you'll want to revisit all nine seasons on Netlix. Or maybe you'll just laugh at how hilariously clever and ironic these costumes are. Enjoy Dunder Mifflinites!

1. Michael Scott as two-headed Michael Scott

2. Jim Halpert as Facebook

3. Erin Hannon as Wendy

4. Dwight Schrute as the Queen of Blades

5. Pam Beesly as Charlie Chaplin

6. Andy Bernard as one of the cats…from Cats

7. Oscar Martinez as the "Rational Consumer"

8. Kevin Malone as Charlie Brown

9. Gabe Lewis as Lady Gaga

10. Nellie Bertram as Sexy Toby

11. Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard as Snooki and Justin Bieber

12. Darryl Philbin as Dracula

13. Meredith Palmer as Kate Middleton

14. Angela Martin as Nancy Reagan

15. Pam, Jim & Cece Halpert as the Popeye crew

16. Kevin Malone, Creed Bratton and Dwight Schrute as The Joker

17. Kelly Kapoor as Carrie Bradshaw & Phyllis Vance as Raggedy Ann

18. Creed Bratton as Osama Bin Ladin

19. Jim Halpert as "Dave"

20. Michael Scott as Macgruber

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