1989 by Taylor Swift: A Review

It's that time of year: when Taylor Swift comes out with an album! I'm full of excitement and opinions just like every other Taylor fan.

When people want to criticize Taylor, they are quick to say, "Well, uh, all she writes about is boys!" I wouldn't say Swift writes about boys. I would say she writes about relationships: how meaningful and deep it can be, the impact it can leave, the story it can tell. She writes about these relationships in such a way that makes us empathize, relate, and feel. I really feel at a point this made Swift reevaluate her music but you know what I say? Don't cater to the haters. Don't write about them in your songs. Don't let them affect you. Keep doing you because honestly? People love it. I love it.

There's also been quite some controversy over her album being labeled as 100% pop, compared to her last four albums being labeled as country. This is all I have to say: I don't care if her albums are labeled as country, pop, country-pop, rap, R&B, indie, opera. I don't care. Genres mean nothing to me. Taylor Swift will always be Taylor Swift no matter what, and each and every album will always be highly anticipated and full of new adventures. Would I say when she was labeled as country her music was 100% country? No. Would I say now that she's labeled as pop her music is 100% pop? No. There shouldn't ever be a controversy over such trivial issues. People should just listen to 1989 and give it a chance.

Jem Aswad wrote on 'The Billboard Review:' "(1989 is) an album that finds Swift meeting Katy and Miley and Pink on their home turf and staring them down." Statements like this make me laugh. Not only are Katy, Miley and Pink totally different and not remotely on the same level, but they don't even compare to Swift. I'm not particularly favoring one over the other, I'm just saying this statement is illogical. They have different fan bases, make different music and emerged at different times. Sure, they are all 'pop' artists, but that doesn't make them all on the same turf. That really goes to show how little a genre can mean when it comes to music and how it can quickly change based on perspective. 

Welcome to New York has an overwelming 80s vibe with fun techno beats. The lyrics really disappointed me considering this could've been a landmark NY song. On her instagram and in interviews she talks about how New York was always so important to her: lattes, front door steps, the cookies that changed her life. How she always wanted to move there and then she finally did. Yet the lyrics in this song are awfully repetitive and non-descriptive. However, I still find myself singing it to myself. Blank Space is a song full of adventure and new possibilities. How when you enter a relationship you don't know if it's going to last forever or a month. Regardless, it's worth it. Swift's voice in this song is full of passion, sass, and her cute country twang. (You can't escape it, girl.) "I can show you incredible things." 

When I think of the real jams on the album, I think of Style and I Wish You Would. Bubblegum pop mixed with Fearless Taylor mixed with disney channel mixed with iconic 80s music. The chorus is classic, makes you want to dance and keeps you coming back for more.

Wildest Dreams is a beautiful song conveying moods of nostalgia but it seems to be inspired by Lana Del Rey: the lyrics, the production, the music, and even the way Taylor sings. Luckily, I wasn't the only one thinking this. While I do really like the song, it's really hard for me to enjoy it when I know she ripped off of Lana and makes the song seem non-authentic. The chorus is still beautiful and takes me back. Bad Blood is a song full of agression, sass and passion. Rumored to be about Katy Perry, this excite me even more. "BANDAIDS DON'T FIX BULLET HOLES, YOU SAY SORRY JUST FOR SHOW." (In all caps for a reason.)

Bonus tracks are always the most interesting tracks. You R In Love is one of my favorite songs on the album, describing every detail of falling in love in such a soft, innocent tone. I seem to favor Taylor's slower songs which may explain why I'm so in love with this song - but all that aside, this song is literally flawless. New Romantics is another bonus track but I gotta say, I'm not a huge fan of how she claims this generation is the new romantics. This song seems awfully cliche to me.

A lot of people claim this is Taylor's best work. I personally like Speak Now the best, but you know what I know for sure? She will never have an album that disappoints me. I'm looking forward to the future of her music and still enjoying all of her albums. Way to go, Taylor. Thanks for the past 9 years of great lyrics, songs, and impact.

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