Day 1 x Pumpkin Face Mask

Today I had an autumn-themed spa night with homemade pumpkin face mask and a pumpkin bubble bath from lush! The bubble bath was mainly for my feet, considering I walk a minimum of 32 blocks a day and work on my feet at least 6 hours a day, while wearing non supportive footwear. (Oops.)

The bubble bath was a soft orange glitter explosion that made me feel like I was in halloween paradise. Plus, it smells like a typical lush product. Aka, worth it.

I also made a homemade pumpkin face mask that is super easy to make.

All you need is:
A can of pumpkin puree (which is less than a dollar to purchase)
A splash of honey
An apple (smashed into pieces)
Tablespoon of cinnamon

This face mask has A LOT of benefits. Honey to soften the skin, pumpkin to rejuvenate the skin, an apple to revitalize and brighten the skin, and cinnamon to do some deep cleansing. Plus, the ingredients are totally appropriate for autumn.

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