Eating in NYC

Dining in NY isn't that hard. I once heard something along the lines of "You could dine in NY every single day for 52 years and never eat at the same place twice." I haven't been in NY that long, yet I've been simply amazed by the variety of food. As a picky eater and vegetarian, I still find NY rather accommodating. I'm making this post to share with you some of my favorite and not so favorite places to eat in NY. Some of them are strictly NY, and some you can find in several different locations. (they were just introduced to me here) Let's go!

16 Handles- First things first. There are froyo places all over the world, and on almost every corner in NY. Yet why is 16 Handles so special? THEY ARE AFFORDABLE. Pinkberry charges approximately 6.50 for a small froyo with toppings. It's REALLY small, and you don't even get to do it yourself. 16 Handles allows you to chose your flavor, mix your flavor, or whatever you want to do. But the best part is you get to do it on your own. You can add your own toppings and MY FAVORITE PART? It's based on weight. Usually when I get froyo based on weight, it's between 2-4 dollars. That's why I refuse to go to Pinkberry. They have a great variety of toppings/flavors, and the setting is so vibrant and adorable. They also have a rewards card, which makes froyo more entertaining.

99 Cent Pizza- It's funny. I don't know if these places actually have a name, but I've seen two of them and there's just a big sign that says "99 CENT PIZZA." So many people claim that eating in NY is expensive, yet 99 cents for a slice of pizza? You can't beat it. The pizza is actually quite satisfying. Large size, fast, great taste. This place is really a to-go place. The process of ordering, paying, and receiving is less than 30 seconds. There's no place to sit, this place is literally the size of a bathroom. The pizza is surprisingly really good, and I recommend giving it a shot. It really gives you the ultimate NY pizza experience. There's one on 43rd and 3rd.

Alice's Tea Cup- This place is worth the experience. It's expensive for tea and scones, but it's too cute to pass up. They have a wide selection of food for just a tea shop, and it's perfect for brunch. They always have GF/veg options which is a plus. I wouldn't recommend going all out here, because of the prices. But it's worth the trip to sit down with a pot of tea and little sandwiches. 

Au Bon Pain- I realized this place isn't only in NY, it's nationwide. However, I've never heard of it until I've moved to New York. Au Bon Pain is similar to Panera, in a sense. It's a cafe/bakery, serving soup, sandwiches and salads - along with coffee and pastries. However, I've found it to actually be less expensive. The food here is of quality, for the most part. I wouldn't recommend the eggs if you get breakfast here, they don't seem authentic. Yet the cookies are to die for and the mac and cheese is the best mac and cheese I've ever had in my life, you can quote me on that. There's something here for everyone, and the best part is you can really customize your order. 

Burger Heaven
Burger Heaven- I passed a few of these already, and the aesthetic automatically captured my attention. Sure, it was featured on The Apprentice, but the idea of being an "American" burger place mixed with a 50s diner vibe attracted me. My boyfriend Andrew and I went here with pretty high expectations and they weren't even kind of met. The service here was terrible. Most of the people couldn't speak english AT ALL and were rude when they didn't understand what we were saying. The man serving us slammed our food and drinks on the table carelessly. And, to be quite honest, the food was nothing to rave about. It wasn't the worst thing in the world, but still. We ordered a veggie burger, a grilled cheese, and shared a side of fries. (Mostly because a side of fries didn't come with the meal and was 6 dollars extra, and barely got a handful.) Hey, maybe the actual burgers are amazing, what do I know? But I do know my experience with Burger Heaven wasn't great. Too expensive for what you get.

Dos Caminos- I don't know about you. But for me, when it comes to mexican food, I'm a Chipotle kind of girl. It's simple and I know I'm gonna like it. Dos Caminos always caught my eye while I was walking third avenue. It seemed like a fun environment, and the guacamole was calling my name. It's pricy, but I would actually say it's worth it. While I was reading the menu, I had to actually analyze it because there were so many ingredients I never heard of or were just worded differently. If you're thinking about jumping out of the Chipotle box, this is the place to go. A great variety of mexican food and amazing guacamole. Did I mention amazing guacamole?

FIKA- Known for their swedish inspired cuisine, I find this place to be very chic yet cozy. They have a simple menu that changes with the seasons. I went here for brunch and got the spinach ricotta croissant with their strictly strawberry tea. They both blew me away. The croissant was so decadent and I almost demanded another one. The tea was unsweetened, yet didn't need to be sweetened because it was that great. The setting of this place makes me feel at home. It was absolutely brilliant, and I know for a fact I'm gonna come here again. There are several locations all over NYC.

Ginza- Good asian food is hard to come by. I'm glad I stopped into Ginza. Ginza is a Japanese restaurant with a ton of options. The service there was really good! I mean, they weren't great at english, but regardless, they remained happy and willing to help. Andrew and I got vegetable egg rolls and general tso tofu. The general tso tofu was not on the menu, but we asked if they could make it and they kindly did! They presented it really nicely and the setting you eat in is great. I recommend coming here if you're ever in the city. Located on 800 Lexington avenue.

Hale & Hearty- Thank you, New York, for teaching me about this lovely place. There are tons of locations throughout NY, and I am so thankful for that. When I first stumbled upon this place, I didn't know what to expect. Now I expect deliciousness every time I come here and I get exactly that. The thing I like about Hale & Hearty the most is that they serve so many good, QUALITY soups. They usually have 6-10 vegetarian options daily, where as a usual soup-serving place has one or two. I usually get the three lentil chili, but there are so many other great options. Literally this is my all time favorite lunch/dinner/anytime place in New York.

Hale & Hearty
HB Burger- I came across this place the first time I visited New York, actually. It's literally right off of Times Square. You would expect it to be expensive, considering one of the locations is close to the tourist capitol of the world, yet it wasn't. The service here was the best service I've had in a while and their veggie burger is amazing. One of the only actually house made veggie burgers I've come across. I recommend stopping by here, it's a laid back environment with a lot of options. It's one of those places to go with your family when you guys can't agree on anything. 

Macaron Cafe- Although Ladurée has the best macarons in town, Macaron Cafe is still pretty awesome.  Located on 59th and Madison, this place is the perfect passerby location. They have a huge variety of macarons daily which I applaud them for, but my favorite has to be the coconut. They also have great tea, coffee, and breakfast items. Eating in is always fun, the playlist here is always so calming. They have one in midtown west as well, it's one of the best brunch places!

Macaron Cafe

Midtown Restaurant- I've ate here a few times, and each and every time was only because they accept my school's dining plan. It's not the worst place in the world, but you have to be careful what you order here. I ordered a smoothie one night, (that was 7 dollars, by the way) and it was the worst smoothie I had in my life. I've made better ones at home with my really old blender. However, they do have some good items, like their mozzarella sticks. I think the reason some items are iffy is because they serve literally EVERYTHING. That can be overwelming, at times. I've never seen a menu so huge. They are located on 55th and 3rd. 

Spring Street Natural
Spring Street Natural- Located in the heart of SoHo, this is the place to eat if you ever make a trip out there. I was literally stressed out reading the menu, because their were so many things I wanted to order! I ended up ordering the taco salad, and Andrew ordered the vegetarian gyro. He literally scarfed it down in minutes and was talking about it hours later. The taco salad was also so good, and I couldn't get enough of it. I can't wait to come back here and eat breakfast. They have something here for everyone. The items on their menu weren't things you usually see, yet they were also things you've always subconsciously craved. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes
Sprinkles Cupcakes- Go here, now. Don't even finish reading my description. I'm not a sweet tooth, and cupcakes are actually one of my least favorite sweet treats. However, the cupcakes here are really good. The contrast between the frosting and the cake gets me every time. They also have a cupcake ATM, which is so unique and innovative. This place is perfect for any cupcake lover, or cupcake-indifferent person like me. You just have to experience it.

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