A Look Inside: The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak

Hilarious contemporary writer B.J. Novak released a children's book. What? You mean the guy who plays the ironic young temp on The Office? The guy who had a 30 second cameo in Spiderman? The guy who has a NY Times bestselling book, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories?

You are correct. The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak came out today, September 30th. At the 86th street Barnes and Noble in New York, he did a reading and signing that I was lucky to attend. A children's book with no pictures may sound like a confusing yet interesting concept, however, Novak made it clear for the audience. Without pictures, the child reading is really in control of the story. He explained it by using the analogy of a director giving a script to an actor. When you read a story for a child, you are giving a performance, yet they still get to react and interpret it the way they want.

The book doesn't have a solid plot, but it does include ridiculous sounds. Novak joked about how kids love hearing their parents saying "boo boo butt" and "GAARROOUUGGGGA" etc. (You get the point) He used this awesome example about one being at a comedy club and the comedian saying absurd, even crude things. The audience reacts with laughter and shock. "Can you believe he said that?" He then compared it to kids reaction to the book after hearing their parents say such nonsense things. "Everything the words say, the person reading the book has to say. No matter what," he writes.

Novak also seems to have a fascination of text from his minimalistic book covers to his instagram @picturesoftext that includes well, pictures of text. The consistency, passion and comedy in everything he does makes me appreciate him as an artist and a person.

B.J. Novak always has a unique, interesting take on things and I can tell that he is very passionate about what he does. I watched The Office for several reasons, but the episodes he wrote or was featured in were always one of my favorites. He read to kids, interacted with the audience, answered questions, and really took in every person he talked to. I asked him a question from the audience and talked to him after and it really made me feel happy how he engaged with me and appreciated my question. We spoke about poetry and he told me "poetry is on the rise" and he asked me my name and if I was a poet. (I responded with "kinda" and he then told me name is a total heartbreaker poet name.) I always keep my eyes open for when he's going to release something or be featured in something. The Book With No Pictures is such a cute idea, and kids seem to really like it considering they were laughing at every page. You can buy it at your local book store or on amazon.

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