The Tea Experiment / #3

There I was, casually strolling down the aisles of Giant Eagle. "Oooh, tea," I think to myself. Then I come across a tea called Matcha Maker, by a brand named Good Earth. It looked interesting. I mean, I love matcha green tea, and I was looking for a new green tea to try considering it's my favorite kind of tea. So, I bought it. 
Not my photo. Belongs to Good Earth.

Je regrette. I had it later that night when I got home, and it smelled sort of like a herby orange creamsicle mixed with medicine. Regardless, I took a sip. However, after that sip, I knew that I couldn't have another one. It was way too sweet, and tasted too citrusy. I couldn't even taste the green tea! As I was reading the ingredients, I finally realized why. Most teas are just tea. They have tea leaves, and sometimes dried fruit, floral accents, or natural flavors to enhance the flavor. However, this had stevia in it. What? Stevia? No wonder it was so sweet. I never even add sugar to my tea so that was a surprise for me. It also has added lime oils, natural flavors, and orange oils. So it had a lot of unneeded flavoring in it. To me, tea is supposed to be a sort of muted flavor. And you can always add things to it to enhance it, but I should never have to take a sip of tea and be shocked. 

As I'm on their website right now, they call their teas "tea fusions." Which makes sense, because their teas seem to be more of a fusion of flavors rather than just tea. I'm glad I tried it and all, and hey, who knows, maybe you'd end up liking it. This is definitely not the tea for me and I probably won't ever try their tea again unless it just randomly pops up into my life for free. Otherwise, this is about it! You can check out their products here.

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