Shades of Autumn

While it's in the high 80s the entire week, autumn is near. 90% of my wardrobe is autumn clothes, so I'm quite excited. While I don't wear lipstick too much, I like darker shades, and it seems to just look best in autumn. Yet I feel like it's either hit or miss with lipstick. I'm always looking for an exact shade, and it's literally NEVER what they display at the bottom of the tube or in advertisements. Not only that, but the color looks different on everyone depending on your natural lip, skin, and hair color. With all that in mind, I'd thought I would share some of my favorite all-year lip sticks, and perhaps, you will find they'll become your favorite autumn lipsticks.

Revlon Black Cherry- This is a lipstick I just recently tried. It's of great quality, stays on easily, keeps lips moisturized  and the color is probably my favorite. For a lot of people it might be too dark, but I think it's the perfect mixture between black and red. The name 'Black Cherry' doesn't lie. I would recommend this for an autumn evening. This is by far my favorite shade.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 40- Expensive. Like, this lipstick is more expensive than your entire outfit. However, I love the shade of red. I have never found a shade of red so perfect. It's not dark at all, but it's not a trashy red, and it's not an eccentric red. It's just laid back. I love that, because red lipstick isn't always meant to pop. You can go to any Chanel stand and try it out for free to see if you really like it.

Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb- This is very similar to Revlon Black Cherry, except its like a dollar. The quality isn't the best, however it mixes well with other lipstick and stays on NO MATTER WHAT. I like the color a lot though, it's very unique. A lot of people mistake it for black, actually. It's so cheap so I say, "why not?" I do warn you, though: it's very dry.

Wet N Wild Cashmere- I've never tried a brown lipstick before and it's not my favorite shade to use, but this is also a very laid back shade that would look good with shades of beige. This lipstick is actually pretty good quality considering how cheap it is. I got it for 89 cents at walgreens. So once again, why not?

Mary Kay Whipped Berries- This shade goes on easy and is easy to take off. I love it. It's a light maroon color with a hint of velvet purple. I've been using this lipstick for years and it hasn't failed me. It's a lot lighter than the other shades I mentioned. 

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