I Finally Saw What If! (Review)

I remember seeing the preview for What If on a May evening, and thinking, "Daniel Radcliffe? I need to see this movie." I grew up with Dan, basically. He was Harry Potter for ten years, and I am still 100% invested in Harry Potter. I didn't care what the movie was about. The moment I saw his face, I knew I needed to see it. With all that aside, I really respect Dan as a person. He seems to have so much depth, be very cultured, yet has a certain light heartedness and sense of humor on top of that depth. If I could go out to coffee with any celebrity, it would most likely be him.

What If is about a medical school drop out who has a cynical view on life and love (Daniel Radcliffe) who falls in love with quirky and super awkward manic pixie dream girl. (Zoe Kazan) It has been compared to 500 Days of Summer a lot, and while I see the correlation, this film did not really compare. I was getting the feeling that it had a sense of try-hardness to it. (not a word, but it describes it, so I am using it anyways.) There were scenes in which Radcliffe and Kazan were talking that I simply couldn't stand. It seemed like the writers and producers wanted this film to be as quirky and hipstery as possible. 500 Days of Summer, however, had a natural edge to it. Deschanel IS quirky, she doesn't have to try to be something. There are a lot of scenes, themes, and even lines that are VERY similar to 500 Days of Summer, which made me kind of suspicious.

What If played around with the idea of a man and a woman being just friends. The idea of sex, cheating, friend-zoning, and everything in between. Yet I felt that the message wasn't as clear and concise as I would like it to be. When reading a book, watching a film, or analyzing a poem, I realize that the message may not always be clear. I realize some things are open ended and up to interpretation. Yet at the end of the movie, there was nothing to interpret. The movie lacked symbolism and did not answer all of the questions they proposed throughout the film. Everything seemed to happen really fast. After all, they jam packed about two years into 98 minutes, leaving a lot of plot holes.

There are a lot of one liners in this movie that made me laugh. Not in a "oh-my-gosh-i-can't-breathe" way, but in a "how clever!" kind of way. Radcliffe is hilarious to me. He delivers lines so well, and makes me laugh sometimes without even doing anything. He has great comedic timing, EVEN in Harry Potter. We all can't forget the scene in Half Blood Prince where he drinks the liquid luck.

Overall, I think this is worth seeing. Maybe you can get it at red box or check it out at your local library in a few months. I really actually did enjoy watching this film and was looking forward to it for months. Literally, I was checking fandango on a weekly basis. While it may have a few plot holes and not a clear theme, it was entertaining. I give it a 6.8/10.

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