Forever 21 & Peter Pan Collars & Trends

The other day I purchased these two dresses from Forever 21. The moment I laid my eyes on them, I HAD to get them, and that rarely happens to me while shopping. Maroon dress with white polka dots and a peter pan collar? Yes. Maroon and navy plaid with a peter pan collar? Even more yes. I will admit the material is kind of weird, but it doesn't matter.

I love peter pan collars so much and want everything in my closet to have one! I mean, I'm even wearing one in my blog header. I've also been looking for plaid dresses/skirts everywhere, but of course, it was always "ugly" until Katy Perry copied Charli XCX. It's funny how that works, isn't it? A celebrity wears something and then suddenly you see it everywhere in stores. That's EXACTLY what Forever 21 is about, which is why I have a hard time shopping there.

They hop onto literally every trend there is. Personally, I could care less about trends. My style is my style. Its consistent and it doesn't change with the seasons. I know what appeals to me. I know how to express myself. So I only find something at Forever 21 every now and then. They are also known to rip off of indie artists, which is just plain shallow. I mean, come on, you guys are a multi-million dollar company. Is that really necessary?

Regardless, I will say Forever 21 is a nice stop if you're at the mall, whether you find anything or not. It's always huge. There is a variety of clothes and sizes. And while it's sometimes cheap in material, it's usually pretty cheap in price too.

With fall ahead, I am very excited to see what stores all over the place have to offer! It's by far my favorite season. And I can't wait to wear these dresses all year long.

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