Why I Blog

Sometimes I ask myself, "Why do I have a blog?"

And I know the answer right away.

Writing is something I've always had to do. I have this compulsive need to write things down and if I don't have a blog, I might never do it. I need to have it on a clear, concise platform (like a blog) in order for me to really get it out. For me to express myself, I suppose. Although I can't fully 100% express myself through a blog, and you will never be able to find out who I am by reading my blog, it's great for me. I love writing about my feelings, I love interviewing people I admire, and I love reviewing products and such.

Yet lately, I've been trying to professionalize my blog a bit more. Whenever I apply for something, whether it be a writing gig or a part time job, I send them my blog. People are always asking for samples of writing and I have plenty here that I am not ashamed to show you. Yet my blog has never been "themed" or organized into a "website." I blog about all sorts of things: my beliefs on random subjects, poetry, recipes, DIY, reviews, interviews, and so on.

And I'm not going to change that. Here's why. I am always going to be myself and blog about whatever I feel like blogging about. My blog has always been for me. I appreciate all the readers 100% but I'm not going to try to fit a mold just to gain more readers or to appeal to jobs. Let's face it. While my bookshelf is organized, I, as a person, am not. I am not themed. I am not organized into a fit stereotypical human being, so why should my blog be? My blog is unique, just like I am, and I hope you enjoy it. Or hate it. Because that means I'm doing something right.

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