The Wand Chooses The Wizard: DIY

Everybody, I made a wand!
Cool action shot. Photo credit: My chin


Well. For anyone that actually cares, I made a wand with an idea I saw on pinterest and thought I would share it with you guys. Why? Because whether you get your wand from alivans, universal, the warnerbros site, or etsy...they are quite expensive. And 90% of the time they're just a replica of someone else's wand. Why would I want a replica of Hermiones wand? I mean, it won't work as well. The wand does choose the wizard...

I've always wanted a wand but never wanted to spend $30 bucks on it. It's great for HP conventions and events, which I will be going to for the rest of forever, so...yeah...

I've never been really good at arts and crafts but always liked the idea of doing things yourself. Making a wand is really easy, and even if you mess up, it's okay! Every wand is different, even Voldemort and Harry's wand.

This is what you need:
Paint / paintbrush.
A glue gun.

That's IT. In terms of paint, you can use spray paint (works better) or use acrylic paint. Whatever is around the house should work. I recommend shades of brown, gold, and burgundy. And of course black.


1. Using the glue gun, add interesting layers to your wand. While some are completely straight lines, some are curvy. Some have twists and turns. Some have bumps and ripples. Some are one color while some have different shades. Do whatever feels right for you. Let it dry.

2. Paint over the glue gun wand masterpiece with paint of your choosing! Dry.

3. Wow, there's really not even a third step because it's that simple.


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