Nintendo Nerdiness

The other day, I bought my brothers 3DS off of him for an incredibly cheap price. I've been wanting one for a while but never really felt like spending 200 dollars on it. So, naturally, I customized it with a super cute case and some games I've been wanting to play. (pictured right)

I am so happy about this purchase. I finally get to play ACNL and express my love of video games more! But...wait, theres more!

I also purchased Super Mario underwear from Target. And yeah, I'm posting them on the internet. I was just walking by, not really planning on purchasing anything and then I saw a pair of super mario underwear and thought, "For some apparent reason, I need this." (I love expressing myself, my passions, hobbies, interests and everything in between via things like clothes and such. Hehe!) I never really grew up with Nintendo, mostly because the main console I used when I was young was the PS1. However, the moment I discovered the Super Mario universe...I loved it.

And lastly, my favorite Super Mario-themed item: earrings! The thing I love about these earrings is they look so fancy, yet if you look closely, it's just Peach kissing Mario. They go with basically every outfit and make me feel so adorkable! These earrings are from Hybrid Moments Designs on Etsy. It's run by an artsy woman named Jen that makes custom jewelry. From punk disney earrings, to pokemon earrings, to Super Mario earrings! The possibilities are endless. You can check them all out here. And now through September 30th, you can get 10% off any order with the code LOVEIT10, just for being a reader of my blog!

Now...I apologize for exploding with nerdiness. I have to go play ACNL now.

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