Old Runescape vs. New Runescape

I've been playing runescape since the 4th grade. I overheard a few guys in my class talking about it, quite a few times actually. I thought, "Sheesh. A lot of my friends are playing this game...Maybe it's worth a shot." So there I was, playing runescape in fourth grade. Now all of those guys haven't played runescape in years and are onto other things. However, I still consider myself an active user.

That's the thing about runescape. It had its peak. Not that there aren't still a lot of active and new users. But there was a time where people you knew in real life went on it. There was a time you would hear the word "runescape" in real conversations. Now, that's quite a rarity. It's somewhat better this way though, because when things are at its peak, everyone has to hop on the bandwagon whether they truly like it or not. And inevitably, a few months later, those posers totally forget about it. It could be quite aggravating when you're serious about something.

Maybe you liked it when you were walking through Varrock and there would be the cool level 72's in the corner, wearing their rune armor, dancing and talking about how they are superior to everyone. All while there's the level 3 girl with pigtails asking for money, the group of guys saying "Press 777 if you want a bf" and the people "SELLING LOGS. 2K." And we can't forget the people who would overuse the colored/moving fonts.

Perhaps you feel the opposite. Maybe you like going to the grand exchange and getting what you want fast. Maybe you like to be able to sell stuff you know you would never be able to sell without the GE quickly. You can chop a bunch of logs in 5 minutes, cook shrimp in 2 minutes, whatever. You can sell it. It's convenient that everything has a set price - you know you are never getting scammed. Leveling up is a lot easier too. You don't have to make your own armor, cook your own food, cut your own trees, etc. Literally everything you need is at the GE.

Jagex has added a lot to runescape. There are a lot of new things to do, especially for members. Is less more? Or is more, more? That's up for you to decide. Personally, I was never into all the quests and obsessing over every skill. I still remain a simple RS user. I focus on firemaking, cooking, woodcutting, prayer, strength, etc. I don't care about all the cool capes. I don't care about new characters or graphics getting better; because when it comes down to it...runescape is always awesome! There is never anything to truly complain about. Some people think so much has changed, so they play RS 2007. But that's truly such a stretch. I get the same feeling when I go on runescape. It's still the same, just a few new added things.

No matter how hard I try, I always remain an active user. Once I went a few years without going on. But I always come back!

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