I Don't Need Your Stereotypes

This isn't a post about social justice. There are enough of those on the internet; we have more than enough tumblr users who complain about issues that aren't even issues and do nothing about it but complain in front of their computer screens. This isn't one of those things. I promise.

This is a post about individuality. This is a post about being a unique being, free of labels and stereotypes.

Do not expect this to be written in a solid format, because I'm just going to be throwing out a bunch of things all at once.

People don't even realize it sometimes - but they throw stereotypes on people. They assume things. You must be _____ because you're _____. I find this almost dehumanizing. It truly bothers me.

I like to cook and wear dresses. Not because I am a woman. Not because I was "raised that way." Not because I'm trying to please anyone or be anything. I like to cook and wear dresses because that's just apart of who I am and it doesn't need an explanation!

Oh, a black person eating fried chicken? HA! So funny. They like fried chicken because they're black. But all the white people who eat fried chicken? Oh. Yeah, it's because they like fried chicken! Logic at it's finest.

I do realize some people follow stereotypes to fit in. The whole "white girl" stereotypes are new. Some girls do things to fit in or to feel accepted, but hey! GUESS WHAT? Some white girls drink starbucks and wear victorias secret because they like it. (Apparently they like to spend money, too. hehe.)
But if I drink a soy mocha frap, I don't deserve to be punished for being a "basic white girl." The fact that I like soy mocha fraps has nothing to do with me being white or me being female.

And whats up with all the stereotypes that go with wearing glasses? Some glasses make you an ironic hipster, some glasses make you an ugly nerd and some glasses make you a sexy girl pretending to be a nerd. In my opinion, I just need to fricking see. Don't assume anything about me because I need glasses to drive and see the chalkboard from far away.

Another stereotype that usually goes unnoticed are age stereotypes. These are the ones that bother me the most. Age doesn't define who you are AT ALL. So quite frankly, it bothers me when people say, "Oh, well you're young. Oh, well you're a teenager. You don't understand. You're a kid. This is how teenagers are." Apparently, teenager in the world is the same. People talk of age like everyone of the same age is the same way and I highly disagree with that. I also hate old age stereotypes as well. Old people aren't cute little puppies that you get to aw at. They aren't dumb or useless. Alzheimers and dementia isn't always what you think it is. Don't assume you know anything. My grandma who passed away had dementia. So when people give me the whole dementia stereotype thing, I get very angry. I still consider her one of my best friends and her sickness, old age or disease NEVER defined her.

Putting someone under a label because of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ET FRICKING C: is EXTREMELY offensive. It's funny SOMETIMES. RARELY. IF YOU'RE WITH THE RIGHT PERSON. IN THE RIGHT PLACE. AND IF YOU'RE LIKE TINA FEY OR SOMETHING. But 99% of the stereotyping I see isn't amusing at all.

Realize that every person on this planet is infinitely unique. Not one soul is the same. So when you put someone under a label or stereotype...you really are limiting them, don't you think? I guess it's just important to embrace the unique individual you are instead of trying to fit under a label. Hm.

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