Today is my Birthday!

I am officially 18 years old! (but I still feel like a 5 year old.) Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my sweetheart and we had an awesome time! Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter. (we are so fairytale it's sick, isn't it?) He planned out the whole day and never told me where he was taking me, but I always had a feeling about what it would be, and ended up being right.

We had a silly dinner at a place called Noodlecat, then went to a super-cute cupcake shop called Colossal Cupcakes. At the cupcake shop we bought an overpriced cake pop and laughed at an annoying indian guy that wouldn't move from the place we wanted to sit. After a while we went to Barnes and Noble, which was awesome because book stores make us very happy. It was amazing just sitting there reading magazine articles, making fun of cheesy book covers and dancing around the aisles. But I have to say my favorite part was when he took me to fun n stuff. (It's basically an arcade/roller skating place/laser tag/party zone. What? I don't know. We have a lot of childhood memories together and the place hasn't changed a bit. It was quite nostalgic but also super fun! We spent all of our money (or should I say his money) on dumb games and we ended up winning a toy owl and a bouncy ball. Woo! After all of those shenanigans  we went to the gas station to pick up two bags of our favorite snack: hot fries, to eat while we watch SNL. It was actually a pretty average day for us. But I couldn't of asked for a better birthday, or a better boyfriend. Oh - and look at this cute gift he gave me: a jar full of our movie tickets!

One thing that excites me about my birthday is all the countless mail and email I get from companies just simply wishing me a happy birthday. One thing that excites me even more is when the company is like, "Hey, have a free coffee on us. Hey, how about a BOGO deal for ya?" I mean, no one loves free stuff more than me. So I thought I would make this post dedicated to Sephora Beauty Insider's yearly birthday gift!

Like I said in a previous post, I am not your girl when it comes to cosmetics. I barely wear any and I never buy any. Sephora is actually quite overpriced. Even if you've never shopped at Sephora in your life, why not sign up for their beauty insider program? You don't have to actually buy anything...just on your birthday every year you come into the store and pick up a birthday gift! It's pretty least for me.

This year, they gave out a mini lipstick and mascara from Make Up For Ever. The lipstick is a beautiful neutral shade, that isn't too flashy but gives your lips some extra color. And the mascara works really well too!

There are many places that offer you deals and freebies not only on your birthday, but all year round for no cost. And I say, why not? I go to panera too much NOT to have a rewards card. I go to speedway a lot, so why not get a rewards card? If it's free, why not?

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