J'adore These Purses!

The other day I came across Melie Biancos Spring 2014 handbag collection. And I was literally freaking out. I mean, really, I'm not a big purse person. I use the same purse for everything until it breaks.

Although these purses are styled for spring, they can be used all year round. At least in my case. Pastels are kind of my life.

Regardless, I think Melie Bianco is so underrated! You can purchase purses straight from her website for their original retail price (usually 70 to 160 dollars) But you can also find her purses at a bunch of other places for WAY cheaper! (low as 25 dollars)

These two are my favorite bags by her I've seen so far. I can see myself using it for dates to the park...shopping...holding library books...endless possibilities. *swoons*

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