Babbling about Harry Potter

It's simply amazing to me that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there going on with their lives. But deep down, we all share something that the majority of people don't understand: a love for Harry Potter...

all those years of book releases, midnight parties, worldwide conventions, tumbling our asses off, meeting friends, creating art and music, and it becoming a HUGE part of our lives.

It became a lifestyle. It saved lives. It still remains much more than just a story.

This comes across my mind a lot of the time. Reason being it will always be apart of me. Every time I see ABC Harry Potter weekend on, I watch it. Every time a wizard rock song comes on my ipod, I listen to it.

And I'll always go to the conventions. I'll read the books over again. And I'm not letting Harry Potter stop me from living my future...but I'll never let go of something that is simply apart of who I am.

I used to think it was the end of an era...but who am I kidding? This will never end. It really can't end. We all used to be so depressed that no more books or movies were coming out. Things might be a bit different...but Harry Potter will never be replaced. I'm happy knowing nothings really changed at all.

(am I back to random blogposts about feelings again?)

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